Zoological Intern

How To Apply

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Position Summary:
The Zoological Saltwater Intern is responsible for observing and assisting the Saltwater team in the daily care of the saltwater species at the LLPA including sharks, rays, bony fishes, cephalopods, sea turtles and marine invertebrates. Daily responsibilities will include but are not limited to: observing and learning from the zoological staff, completing daily/weekly tasks, food preparation, cleaning husbandry areas and exhibits, performing water quality tests, and daily maintenance of the aquarium exhibits.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
·        Assist in maintaining the highest level of cleanliness and quality of all saltwater exhibits and back of house areas.
·        Assist with daily husbandry of saltwater animals.
·        Collection of weekly water samples and performing water quality tests.
·        Assist in daily food preparation for saltwater animals.
·        Assist in monitoring saltwater animals for overall health.
·        Adhere to safety protocols.
·        Complete all quizzes and evaluations to determine retention of information/knowledge from hands on experience and classroom lessons.
·        Completion of all assigned projects prior to end of internship.
·        Assist with providing enrichment to saltwater animals.
·        Complete other duties as assigned.
·        Must have completed a minimum of sophomore year at an accredited college or university.
·        Working toward obtaining a degree in a related field (Fisheries Sciences, Marine Science, Biology, Zoology, etc).
Critical Skills/Competencies:
·        Must be able to follow basic instruction.
·        Must demonstrate attention to detail.
·        Excellent oral and written communication skills.
·        With training, have a basic knowledge and understanding of what is needed to become a member of an animal zoological team.
·        With training, be able to identify most species at LLPA and become familiar with the biological systems of most species at LLPA.
Scope of position:
The Zoological Saltwater Intern must commit to 20 hours per week. The Saltwater Team works M-F from approximately 7AM-4PM. Interns can work half or full days any day of the week. The duration of the internship will be for a total of 10 weeks. This is an unpaid position.