Luke Kennard

Major: Technology Management

Loveland Innovations, Pleasant Grove, UT

Product Development Intern

Written by Megan Nielson

Luke Kennard’s passion for flying drones was discovered as a student in UVU’s aviation program, but his career path was found through an internship opportunity he created.

“I wanted to find a way to fly drones and make money,” 
he said.
Kennard, a senior at UVU, is planning a May graduation. He’s pursuing a degree in technology management.
Through a social connection, he heard about Loveland Innovations — a data analytics company that utilizes drones. When he reached out to them initially, it was for a class assignment to interview a tech company. This assignment led to a job in quality assurance (QA) for Loveland Innovations.
After a year of working in QA, Kennard took matters into his own hands and created the internship he wanted.
“I set it up myself,” he said. “I wanted to learn more about product development.”
With that in mind, he approached his supervisor and asked, “What are the chances that one hour a day you come in and mentor me in product development?”
His supervisor was happy to oblige. That interaction led to greater opportunities.
Recently, he’s been working on a ‘best practices guide’ for customers. Upon completion it will be used to instruct customers how to fly their drone with the best results possible — how to get the best photos and the best data.
In addition, he researches competitors, creates reports used in large presentations, test-flies drones, works with their app, and creates mock up designs.
His favorite part? Brainstorming. “Hands down,” he said. “I like to consider, ‘What can we do to shake up the industry?’ Ideas come in, you’re dreaming big, and looking forward. Everything we do in product development is looking forward.”
The most important thing he learned from his intern experience? Be good at what you do, whatever you do.
“When someone asks you to do something, and you do it well, people will notice. It’s important as an intern to understand what your supervisor wants, and go above and beyond what they’re asking for. That way they can trust you for the next thing they want you to do,” he said.
The internship experience has already inspired Kennard to create something of his own — to cultivate an idea and turn into reality. He envisions a new drone model in his future. “I want to have my own company with a product, and have control over directing where it goes.”
Kennard considers his employment with Loveland Innovations to be an incredible opportunity — and is grateful they have always helped him do what he loves, and support a family at the same time.

Luke Kennard working with drone.  

Luke Kennard flying a drone.