Internships are a great way to gain experience in your field of study while also receiving college credit.  To navigate the process you can refer to the Student Checklist or review the frequently asked questions below.

When should I complete an internship?

We encourage UVU students to complete one or more internships before graduation.  Most UVU students complete internships during their junior or senior year.  However, we also encourage students in freshman and sophomore years to complete exploratory internships.  Internships are available for students of varying skills level and your advisor can help you to determine when an internship will best fit into your academic plans.

How do I get college credit for an internship?

  1. Meet with your Internship Coordinator to assess whether or not your internship is suitable for credit. 
    • If you are a University College major or are undecided, you will need to contact the Internship Coordinator for the University College: Mike Jensen, 801-863-7090 or
    • If you are not a resident of the U.S., contact the International Center (LA 111, 801-863-8342) to determine eligibility prior to searching for internship opportunities
  2. Determine how many credits you would like to register for; Check with your Internship Coordinator for internship requirements. Hourly requirements vary among departments but generally 60-75 working hours in a semester = 1 credit
  3. Complete an Application for Academic Credit
  4. Confirm that a Internship Agreementshas been signed between UVU and the internship provider. You can refer to the following page to see if the experience provider has a completed agreement:  Internship Providers
  5. Your Internship Coordinator will now clear you to enroll in an internship course and receive credit. Once registered, the course will appear on your class schedule for the semester.
  6. Begin working and continue to communicate with your Faculty Supervisor. Your final grade for the internship will be given by your Faculty Supervisor.

When should I register for credit?

An internship is just like any other course—you must register with your Internship Coordinator BEFORE beginning your internship and within the general add/drop registration timelines. Regular registration deadlines also apply for students seeking financial aid to help with their tuition costs.

*Please note that credit will not be given for past experience.

What does my Faculty Supervisor require?

Each department at UVU sets their own guidelines for internships and each Faculty Supervisor may have developed a course syllabus for internships. You may have academic assignments such as research papers, daily journal entries, portfolio, a weekly check-in, etc. Be sure to obtain a copy of the course syllabus and clarify expectations before starting your internship. Part of your grade may depend on the assignments you complete.



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