Student Internship Testimonials

Dustin Fowkes | Unified Fire Authority |State of Utah


Dustin Fowkes Unified Fire Authority

"I did an internship in the fire service, which allowed me to work with the public hands on during fire and medical calls. This helped me hone those skills and gain vital experience."

"Following my time as an intern, I was actually offered a part-time job with the same department I interned with, and a few months after that i received full time employment as a firefighter/EMT."

"The experience I had as a UVU intern was vital in propelling my career path forward and I feel it played a necessary part in taking me where i am at today."
-Dustin Fowkes

Abraham Engh | Utah State Legislature | Salt Lake City, UT


Abraham Engh with Mitt Romney

"I served as an intern for the Utah State Legislature in Salt Lake City.

"It was my responsibility to help my representatives stay informed and offer advice and assistance with the analysis and creation of bills. One amendment to a bill that I recommended helped my representative pass that bill and is currently in state code.

"The most important benefit was the professional contacts and relationships I made. I was fortunate to connect with UVU President Matthew Holland, Major General Brian Target of the Utah National Guard, Utah Governor Gary Herbert and Mitt Romney, 2008 Presidential Candidate and Former Governor of Massachusetts."
-Abraham Engh

Lauren Williams | Alpine Fitness | Alpine, Utah


Lauren Williams Alpine Fitness

"The internship at Alpine Physical Therapy offered me invaluable experience and understanding of the material I will learn in the graduate programs I apply to in the summer of 2017. In addition to fulfilling the prerequisite hours required to be a valid applicant, this internship provided me with the experiences needed to be a top contender among my peers."

"At Alpine Physical Therapy, interns are encouraged to apply the material they have learned in a practical setting. My five hour shifts at Alpine were consumed with hands-on learning experiences and constant interaction with patients. I was not a fly-on-the-wall given the task of observation but a valuable part of the system. Additionally, I took advantage of the opportunities to be a leader and teacher among my fellow interns, making this internship even more of a benefit to my future plans. "
-Lauren Williams

John Paul Anderson | Neways, Inc. | Salem, UT


John Paul Andersen Internship at Neways

"I completed my internship at Neways, Inc. This internship was my first real world lab experience so it helped me immensely to understand how a lab functions, and how important it is to meet deadlines and keep accurate records.

"Having little to no experience an internship was a perfect chance to prove my strong work ethic and willingness to learn. I ended up getting hired on as a full time employee. Internship Services at UVU helped me realize the importance of an internship and why it is an integral part of a college education and now that I am finished with my internship I am able to testify of that.

"I would recommend an internship to anyone who wants to see what their future career will be like and wants a head start on it."
-John Paul Andersen

Mike Henrie | Orem City | Orem, Utah


Mike Henrie

"As a Student at UVU I was able to take advantage of the services offered in Career Services & Student Employment. With their knowledge and help I got an internship with Orem City where I worked directly with Jim Reams, the current City Manager.

"I attended various meetings for the City Council, Planning Commission, Heritage Commission, Youth City Council and others, where I was lucky enough to see first-hand what the responsibilities of a City Manager includes.

"Throughout my internship I had the opportunity to spend time with each department director. During this time I was given opportunities to learn various aspects of business. Through this internship I have been able to better understand the responsibilities and what is expected of the position. I have also learned all I need in order to accomplish my goal of becoming a city manager."
-Mike Henrie

Nick Boyer | Sound Concepts, Inc. | American Fork, Utah


Nick Boyer Sound Concepts

"Sound Concepts, Inc. was a great place to learn design skills and gain photography experience. It is also a great place to dive into other areas that you may be interested in as well."

"I was hired after the semester and started in the Web team, but later switched to the Design Dept."

"I would recommend this internship to anyone looking to gain experience and opportunity."
-Nick Boyer

Brianna Bailey | Bennett Communications | Orem, Utah


Brianna Bailey Bennett Communications

"Working at Bennett Communications, Utah Valley Magazine, and Utah Valley Bride has been the best experience I could have ever asked for."

"They allowed me to be a crucial member of the team and get great hands on experience as well as build great relationships with journalism and PR contacts in the area. I have many clips in online and printed publications of Bennett Communications and was able to be an instrumental member of the launch of their brand new bride website."

"Thanks to my supervisor, I was able to assist on photo shoots, transcribe roundtables, attend and cover events and be included in all staff meetings and events as well. It was such a great experience!"
-Brianna Bailey

Kristopher Lang | American Heart Association | Logan, Utah


Kristopher Lange

"My research internship was an outstanding educational experience. I was involved in researching new ways to crystallize the protein Mtr4. This information can be used to help prevent disease states.

"This internship has benefited my career path in many ways. I applied my hands on learning that UVU’s Biotech program has instructed me in. This experience helped me fulfill requirements for medical school and my major. It amazed me how my experience has made my classes this semester seem so much easier because I understand my subject on a whole new level.

"This was young scientist’s dream come true! I encourage all students to seek internships in their chosen field."
-Kristopher Lange

John Lorz | The Living Planet Aquarium | Sandy, Utah


John Lorz feeding an Octopus

"My Husbandry Internship at The Living Planet Aquarium was great! It took the information from my class and transformed it into workable knowledge, reinforcing everything I was studying and gave me hands-on experience in a biology related job. Add that to the school credit I earned and there was no way I could have lost.

"I always knew that internships would be a critical aspect of my education, but the rewards are greater than I thought they would be. Even before my internship was over I was offered a job to stay on at the aquarium.

"The motto of the school is to “engage,” but you have to take the initiative. I think anyone who is passionate about their degree and the field they want to go into should do an internship."
-John Lorz

Celeste Young | Utah Valley University | Orem, Utah


Celeste Young UVU Wellness Program

"My experience with the Utah Valley University Wellness Center was fantastic. I originally chose to complete my degree in Community Health because I shared an interest for Wellness Coaching. This internship let me gain more experience in this select field, as well as more experience with the health education field."

"I feel that I benefited from this internship because I was able to understand how it felt to serve others in our community that may be struggling. As a health educator, I may not always be recognized for what I do, but it is all worth it because of the feelings I have at the end of the day from helping others."

"I have a better knowledge of how I can help other people now than I did before because of this amazing internship experience."
-Celeste Young

Krissi Cook | KSL 5 News | Salt Lake City, Utah


Krissi Cook

"The internship program has by far been one of the best choices I have ever made.

"At first I almost turned down the opportunity because of the grueling 3 A.M. to 7 A.M. schedule they proposed, but I realized that sometimes it’s worth the sacrifice to really get where you want.

"I 110% recommend doing an internship. Now that I’ve done it, I can honestly testify that hands-on experience will far exceed learning in any classroom. I recently got a job at (posted on UVU job board) as their video editor for their website. A large part of their decision was that I had already had hands-on work for a professional company.

"Recently I got a job at (posted on UVU job board) as their video editor for their website. A large part of their decision was that I had already had hands-on work for a professional company."
-Krissi Cook

Kyle Jellings | Real Salt Lake | Salt Lake City, Utah


Kyle Jellings

"I had the privilege of completing a media relations internship with the 2009 MLS Cup Champions, ReAl Salt Lake. I had many responsibilities, ranging from writing press releases to getting coffee for everyone in the office. I was in charge of putting together game-by-game recaps which would later be put into the game day media guide given to the press.

"As part of my internship, I had the privilege of flying to Seattle with the team on their charter plane, ReAl Blue, for the MLS Cup Final. I was on the field for the final match. When they won I was one of the many that rushed the field with excitement. I was even able to hold the championship trophy as the luckiest intern in the world.

"This internship helped me realize what I want to do once I graduate. I would recommend doing an internship to anyone who wants to have a job after they graduate. Internships are a great way to find out if what you are studying is really what you want to do for the rest of your life."
-Kyle Jellings

Abigail Pesci | CLAS Ropes Course | Provo, Utah


Abigail Pesci

"I have always been interested in working in the outdoors with people. I completed an internship at CLAS Ropes Course in Provo. I wanted to intern at this location was because of how perfectly it fit into my career, as well as personal, interests.

"I had the opportunity to work with various church organizations, schools, and business groups throughout the community, each different in its own way. However, every group came to the ropes course hoping to achieve team unity and fun!

"I was responsible for finding creative ways to make sure each participant was included in each activity and took something meaningful away from their experience. I learned skills involving time-management, sales, public relations and account/data management.

"I am currently on call with CLAS Ropes Course and plan to work there in the future."
-Abigail Pesci

Austin Horton | KFAN Sports Radio | Salt Lake City, Utah


Austin Horton

"I was fortunate enough to serve an internship through UVU this past semester at a sports radio station in Salt Lake. Not just ANY radio station. The highest rated, most listened to sports station in Utah: '1320 KFAN, The Sports Leader.'

"I was taught how to produce on-air talk shows, which included researching topics/statistics and recording/editing sound and interviews from sports events. I learned from the best the local market has to offer, as evidenced by the station's history of leading the industry in ratings and sponsors, earning them the exclusive rights to the biggest ticket in the state: The Utah Jazz.

"Without the internship, I may have never discovered the skills necessary to put my career on the fast track to early success."
-Austin Horton

Aliza Allred | LDS Office of Public and International Affairs | New York City, NY


Aliza Allred LDS Office of Public and International Affairs

"Working at the New York LDS Office of Public and International Affairs as an intern has been the most valuable experience of my college career to date."

"I gained meaningful experience by working closely with the office director to plan events hosting a number of prominent leaders within the LDS Church, as well as establishing key connections with Ambassadors and General Consulates to the United Nations in New York. Having an official United Nations badge and attending meetings and conferences there was one of my favorite perks about this particular internship."

"Not only did I gain meaningful experience and connections through the office, I also gained pertinent life experience by living in Manhattan for a summer. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity I had to live in the city for a summer as an intern."
-Aliza Allred

Brittany Buckhannon | Sea World | San Antonio, Texas


Brittany Bukchannon

"My internship was exactly what I am looking for in a career. It was a fun atmosphere and I honestly learned something new every day. I got to work with the media, which is a huge aspect of public relations. My writings were sent out to thousands of people and my work actually made a difference.

"Because of my internship, I have contacts I would have never met before. I was working with some of the top people of SeaWorld. This is nothing you can learn in school. They remember who I am and told me to come back for a job when I graduate!

"Having an internship with SeaWorld San Antonio has given me an edge that most students don’t have. I feel confident going into an interview for a job because I know I have the experience and credentials it takes to get the job."
-Brittany Buckhannon

Tianna Maxwell | Disney College Program | Orlando, Florida


Tianna Maxwell Disney College Program

"The Disney College Program was truly the best decision of my life."

"I have been blessed, truly blessed, to have made wonderful memories, forged strong friendships with friends and characters, and created the magic for guests and most importantly, myself."

"I will always carry these moments in my heart."
-Tianna Maxwell

Bill Swadley | Senator Orrin Hatch & Woodrow Wilson Center | Washington, D.C.


Billy Swadley

"The facilitation of my internship with Senator Orrin Hatch opened the door for numerous opportunities in Washington, D.C. and beyond. I spent nearly a year in the nation’s capital. That time included an internship with Senator Hatch and another as a research assistant for Aaron David Miller at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. With Dr. Miller, I was able to assist him as he worked on his (now published) book titled The End of Greatness: Why America Can’t Have (and Doesn’t Want) Another Great President. With Senator Hatch, I was able to participate in the dynamic Capitol Hill environment and later accepted a full-time position with his talented Utah staff. I appreciate all that the UVU Internship Services team has done to assist me in my ambitions."

-Bill Swadley

David Iba | Afghanistan Embassy | Washington, D.C.


David Iba

David Iba served as an intern under the deputy chief of mission and political counselor of Afghanistan at the Afghan Embassy in Washington, where he used his Portuguese language skills to help the embassy improve relations with Brazil.

"It was a really odd sequence of events to speak Portuguese for the Afghans. I attribute it (the internship) totally to working at the [UVU Review].

"It was a huge opportunity. It was such a fast pace, I felt like my work was meaningful and will really make a difference."
-David Iba

Alexis Spencer | Haiti Health Initiative | Haiti


Alexis Spencer Haiti Health Initiative

"During my time both in Haiti and preparing to leave for Haiti I was able to utilize the tools, skills, and knowledge I received throughout my coursework at UVU on an actual real world project."

"The internship gave me hands on experience that sets me above my peers when applying for graduate school or employment. The combination of my education received at UVU and my experiences in Haiti has provided me with an opportunity to lead and implement another project this coming summer. I would not have received this opportunity without the help of UVU."

"Ironically, while I was teaching the people of Haiti how to better their life they were teaching me what life is all about. It was a life changing experience."
-Alexis Spencer

Hadley Evans | Rising Star Outreach | Chennai, India


Hadley Evans

"This summer I had gotten the opportunity to go to Chennai, India to do my internship. I would work an organization called Rising Star Outreach, being their media specialist. They work within Leprosy colonies, aiding them with medical, education and community needs. None of this would have been possible with out the Li Ka-Shing scholarship I was able to receive. This scholarship gave me an opportunity to do something I have always wanted to do but seemed like it was a far reach."

"People in the leprosy colonies have very poor living conditions and also don’t own a photograph of them or more importantly of their loved ones. Because I didn’t have to spend much of my own money on my tuition or flight I got to spend that money on supplies for the children’s school. Also I bought over one hundred Polaroid’s, I was able to take photos of people and families I met and was able to give those photos to them there and then. After I would take their photo they would sit there and watch, as their Polaroid would develop, first confused and then overwhelmed with excitement. There were so many other blessings that came along with receiving this internship but that was just one of many. I am so grateful for the Li Ka-Shing scholarship and for the opportunities it had given to me and to the wonderful people in India."
-Hadley Evans

Yanko Dzhukev | United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization | Rome, Italy


Yanko Dzhunkev UN

"Working at FAO was amazing. What I liked the most is the fact that I was working in organization with such a global impact. FAO has so much influence all over the world, and just being a part of it, even as an intern, feelt great. Every single day I learned something different."

"I assisted in different projects, and publications. I drafted news for the website, social media, and I was responsible for the department's newsletter. I worked on an online funding database. I was the only intern in the team and I was overwhelmed with work. The best part of the job is that I had real responsibilities."

"When I first got there I did not know what to expect. The first time that I went to work, I could not believe where I was. I felt like I had found my place. I have always dreamed about working for the United Nations but now I can say that I really experienced it. "
-Yanko Dzhunkev