Theatre Internship Application

Before beginning this application please do the following: 


  1. Locate an internship opportunity.  For help with this step please contact Cathy Chartrand
  2. Complete Internship Orientation  and save your completion code .  Your completion code will be displayed to you once you complete the Orientation and will be sent to you by email as well. 
  3. Submit your application by selecting "Start Application" below. Have the following information ready before launching the document.
  • Name and address of Internship Provider/Company
  • Internship Site Supervisor name, email, and phone.  The Internship Site Supervisor is the individual employed by your Internship Provider who will mentor you during your experience. 
  • Average number of hours that you will work per week


Special Instructions


Internship Guidelines for the School of the Arts


  • Self-employment is not eligible for internship credit.
  • You must complete your internship with a mentor with a four-year degree in your specific area of study and, at minimum, 1+ years fulltime professional experience directly in the industry. And if you are in the BFA program, the same educational equivalent.
  • BFA performance students should ideally be focusing on performance internships at professional venues (such as theatres where they can work toward union eligibility.) The assumed career for BFA performance majors is professional performance, and the internship should reflect that. 
  • The employer must provide you with a place to work and necessary equipment.
  • Before the internship begins, you will agree with your employer regarding whether your internship is paid or unpaid.
  • Your responsibilities should align with the coursework you have already completed. They must also relate to your educational emphasis.
  • Your responsibilities should be substantive. A job where you primarily answer the phone, for instance, would not be substantive.
  • Your mentor should give you structured, regular, feedback on all projects and work.
  • Any fraudulent, inaccurate, incomplete or non-verifiable information relating to your internship will result in you not earning credit for the internship.
  • Upon receipt of application approval by email, please refer to the registration instructions and included Course Registration Number (CRN) to register for your course.
  • Once you have registered for your class, you can then log onto your Canvas and complete your internship course.





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