College of Health and Public Service Internship Applications

Important Deadline: You must have this application complete AND be registered for the internship course by the end of the first day of the semester. This entire process from start to end can take several weeks so it is suggested that you start this process at least one month prior to the semester you are intending to receive credit.

Want More Info?

The following pages will give you resources for specific internships related to Health & Public Services.

Criminal Justice

Forensic Science

National Security Studies

Public & Community Health


Emergency Services

Before beginning this application please do the following:

  1. Locate an internship opportunity- for help with this step please contact James McCoy at, or 801-863-5702, PS 201E or HP-101H.
  2. Complete the Internship Orientation Training here
    • You will need the Orientation code at the end of the training to begin your application!
  3. Submit your application using the text boxes at the bottom of the page.
    • Have your employer/supervisors contact information ready to complete this application.
    • When all parties have signed and approved your application, your Internship Coordinator will email you the information needed to register for the internship class.

Filling out the text boxes below will launch the internship application.  Once you begin the application, you cannot stop and start where you left off.  Please provide accurate information for each of the text boxes including first and last names for each individual. Email addresses must be accurate to ensure that this form can be signed by each person. Explanations can be found below, however if you have any questions about this form please contact James McCoy at or 801-863-5702.  It is ultimately your responsibility to make sure that this form is sent to the right individuals with correct email addresses, and is that it is fully completed.

  • Intern Supervisor: This is your employer or supervisor at the company where you are doing your internship.
  • Faculty Internship Class Teacher: This faculty member who is teaching the Internship Course throughout the semester. For all Criminal Justice and Forensic Science students the teacher is Melissa Noyes,
  • Orientation Code: You receive this code after completing the Orientation training