English and Literature Internship Application

Application Instructions

  1. Meet with your academic advisor to discuss how credits apply toward your graduation.
  2. Secure a faculty mentor who will mentor you through your internship. Download and complete the Internship Learning Agreement with your mentor.
  3. Send your completed Internship Learning Agreement to your advisor for approval.
  4. Once your advisor approves your Internship Learning Agreement, you will receive further instructions by email on how to apply for academic credit.

Special Instructions


  • Students completing an internship with a professor as their internship site supervisor must find a different professor to be their faculty mentor. The site supervisor serves as the “boss” over the internship duties, while the faculty mentor serves over the instruction portion of the internship course. For questions with this step, please contact your academic advisor.
  • If your initial agreement is approved, you will need to go through the university's Internship Orientation and Application for Academic Internship Credit. These instructions will be emailed to you.