Stronger Families Project Contract


  1. Complete the orientation training using the information below 
  2. Complete the online contract at the bottom of the page 


You will need the following information for the orientation:


  • Faculty Supervisor Name: Rich Hydo
  • Faculty Supervisor Email:
  • Name of Internship Provider: Stronger Families Project
  • Internship Contact Information:
    • Street Address: 800 W. University Parkway
    • City: Orem, UT
    • Zip Code: 84058
  • Internship Job Title: Stronger Families Project Intern
  • Site Supervisor: Julie Nelson
  • Site Superivsor Job Title: Site Supervisor
  • Site Supervisor Email:
  • Site Supervisor Phone: 801-863-5167

Stronger Families Project Contract: Fill out the following fields and click submit

Registering for the Course

When all signatures have been completed on the application you will be notified through your UVU email to register for the Internship Course.  This process may take a few weeks for you to receive registration instructions to your UVU email.