Strengthening Families Project Internship Checklist


  • Submit Internship Application -Nov. 16th

  • Complete, "Strenghening Families Program Internship Placement Form" -Nov. 16th

  • Submit a Virtual Interview -Nov. 16th

  • Obtain a Food Handler's Permit -Jan 7th

Internship Application Link:

Strengthening Families Program Internship Placement Form Link:

Virtual Interview Instructions:

In preparation for completing your interview, watch the video in the link below, which will give you a basic idea for completing your interview.


The purpose of this virtual interview is to offer a brief example of your teaching so we can determine best class placement. You should dress professionally.  You need to be standing. Be sure that your background is congruent with a professional interview, and free from external distractions. 

Complete a 5-minute (maximum) teaching presentation for this interview by choosing a short section with ONE main idea from the Survival Skills family life education curriculum from FAMS 4500. Learn that section well enough that you do not need to read or refer to it while teaching. Before you begin, please tell us who is your intended audience for this mock teaching: children, teens, or parents. Stand and present your prepared section using the pedagogical practices learned in 4500. Don’t be nervous; just have fun! We’re all rooting for you.

If you don’t have the Survival Skills manual, choose any family life education lesson and teach a main idea from that. Follow the same instructions.

You will record your virtual interview with your laptop, tablet or phone and upload it to YouTube as an “unlisted” video (unsearchable, but live for those who have the link).  Once uploaded, send us the link to view your interview.  Please ensure the link works when you’ve logged out of YouTube.

Once your video is recorded to your phone, tablet or computer, the link below will assist you with uploading your video to YouTube.

** Email your video link to project, for review. 


Food Handler’s Permit Link:

** Send permit to the project, strongerfamilies@uvu.ed