Substance Abuse Disorder Counseling

Application Instructions


  1. Locate an internship opportunity.  For help with this step please contact your Internship Coordinator, Noelle Halasima.
  2. Complete Internship Orientation, and save your completion code. Your completion code will be displayed on your screen and emailed to you once you complete the orientation.
  3. Meet with your Site Supervisor at your Internship Site to complete the SUDC Agreed List of Duties document which you can download here: SUDC Agreed List of Duties Document.
  4. Submit your application by selecting "Start Application" below. Have the following information ready before launching the document.
    • Name and address of Internship Provider/Company. 
    • Internship Site Supervisor name, email, and phone.  The Internship Site Supervisor is the individual employed by your Internship Provider who will mentor you during your experience.
    • Average number of hours that you will work per week
  5. Upon receipt of application approval by email, please refer to the registration instructions and included CRN number to register for your course.  Please allow up to 2-3 weeks for your application to be finalized and to receive your registration instructions. 


Special Instructions


  • SUDC students must complete 200 hours during the spring semester of the internship.  ASUDC students must complete an additional 150 hours during the following semester, totaling 350 hours in two semesters.  You will need to submit an application for both semesters.
  • Email addresses must be accurate to ensure that this form can be signed by each person.  If you have any questions about this form please contact Noelle Halasima.  
  • After all signatures have been completed you will be notified to register for your course by email.




Device  PC or Mac
Browser  Chrome or Firefox
Troubleshooting  Clear your browser history or switch to another browser. 
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