Engineering Internship Application


Before beginning this application please do the following:

Note: You must be approved and officially enrolled in the internship course in order to start counting your required hours for your internship. No retroactive work will be counted or approved.  Please be aware that like other UVU courses, tuition is charged for any internship performed for academic credit.  

1- Meet with your academic advisor to evaluate prerequisites and to discuss how internship credit will fit into your graduation plan. To make an appointment with an advisor please call 801-863-8648.

2-Locate an internship opportunity. For questions about finding an internship you can schedule an appointment with Sara Moore, E&T Internship Coordinator by using the Appointment Scheduler below.


3-Ensure your internship site has completed a Master Internship Agreement

4-Complete the Internship Orientation Training and enter your completion code below. Your completion code will be displayed to you once you complete the training and by email as well.

5-Complete an internship application.  Have the following employer/supervisors contact information ready before opening this application:

  • Company Name, Supervisor Name, Supervisor Email, Supervisor Phone, Amount of hours per week that you will work, Total number of hours you will work.

When all signatures have been completed on the application you will be notified to register for the Internship Course by email. This process may take a few weeks for you to receive registration instructions to your UVU email.

Filling out the text boxes below will launch the internship application. Once you begin the application you cannot stop and start where you left off. Please provide accurate information for each of the text boxes including first and last names for each individual. Email addresses must be accurate to ensure that this form can be signed by each person. Explanations can be found below, however if you have any questions about this form please contact Sara Moore at, or 801-863-5641. It is ultimately your responsibility to make sure that this form is sent to the right individuals, the correct email addresses, and is fully completed.


  • Internship Site Supervisor: This is your employer or supervisor at the company where you are doing your internship.