School of the Arts Internship Proposal

General Rules and Guidelines

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Internship approval can be obtained by following these guidelines:

  • Self-employment is not eligible for internship credit.
  • You must work on-site with your proposed mentor. No telecommuting is allowed.
  • You must complete your internship with a mentor with a four-year degree in your specific area of study and, at minimum, 3+ years fulltime professional experience directly in the industry. And if you are in the BFA program, the same educational equivalent.
  • The employer must provide you with a place to work and necessary equipment.
  • Before the internship begins, you will agree with your employer regarding whether your internship is paid or unpaid.
  • Your responsibilities should align with the coursework you have already completed. They must also relate to your educational emphasis.
  • Your responsibilities should be substantive. A job where you primarily answer the phone, for instance, would not be substantive.
  • Your mentor should give you structured, regular, feedback on all projects and work.
  • Any fraudulent, inaccurate, incomplete or non-verifiable information relating to your internship will result in you not earning credit for the internship.

Steps of the Approval Process

Process Checklist: 

□   Step 1 - Fill out digital Internship Proposal Form. (found below)

All of the fields must be filled out to submit the form. The description of internship duties is crucial; your coordinator will be contacting your supervisor. You will be notified by email, on the decision of your proposal

□   Step 2 – Fill out the Internship Application Form.

Upon approval of your proposal, you will be emailed the link to the Internship Application form, you will need to provide the email addresses for your Internship Mentor, Advisor, Faculty Supervisor and Internship Coordinator.

□   Step 3 – Register for the class.

Upon Internship Application approval, you will be notified by email, and a place will be opened for you to register for the appropriate class.

□   Step 4 - Log on Canvas.

Once you have registered for your class, you can then log onto your Canvas and complete your internship course.



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