During Your Internship

Course Requirements and Assignments

Each department at UVU sets their own guidelines for internships and each Faculty Supervisor may have developed a course syllabus for internships. You may have academic assignments such as research papers, daily journal entries, portfolio, a weekly check-in, etc. Be sure to obtain a copy of the course syllabus and clarify expectations before starting your internship. Part of your grade may depend on the assignments you complete.

Resources and Forms

Learning Agreement: The Learning Agreement is created between you and your faculty supervisor and is used to assess learning objectives for your internship        experience. Please note that some departments have custom learning agreements.  Please check with your department to determine if this is the appropriate form for you to use.

Internship Completion Survey: You will also need to know that as a student at UVU performing an internship, you are required to complete the Internship Completion Survey.  The survey is used to assess your evaluation of the internship experience.  You will not want to complete this, however, until you are near the completion of your internship.  

Supervisor Evaluation: The Supervisor Evaluation is a document that should be sent to internship site supervisors near the conclusion of a student's internship in order for them to assess student performance.

Media Consent Form: The Media Consent form needs to be completed by any student who submits photos and/or written testimonials for use on UVU websites, social media, and other relevant media outlets.