Students: Getting Started

  1       Talk to Your Coordinator 

               Reach out to one of our internship coordinators; they are here to help you! Our coordinators are available for contact through: 

                                           ☞  Email (Include your UVID in the email so they can find your information!)

                                                    Chat on Microsoft Teams (just search their name on MS Teams)

                                                  ☞  Using their appointment scheduler on the "Apply for Credit" page

                                                                         CLICK HERE TO FIND YOUR INTERNSHIP COORDINATOR  →   

  2      Find an Internship

          Internships can be found several ways including:

                                        The Handshake website or app (login/sign up using your UVID)

                                                    Talking to faculty or other students

                                                  ☞  Talking to your internship coordinator; a current/new job may also qualify as an internship

  Using other online search engines


                                   CLICK HERE TO FIND INTERNSHIPS → 

      Need help with resumes, cover letters, and interview prep? Contact the CAREER DEVELOPMENT CENTER →


  3      Apply for Credit

      Ready to turn your opportunity into course credit? 

                                           ☞  Complete online Internship Orientation

                                                    Fill Out an Application for Academic Credit

                                                  ☞  Register for your internship class

                                                                         CLICK HERE TO START INTERNSHIP ORIENTATION  →                                    d

The Internship Process: Videos

This video introduces you to the UVU internship process, the type of credit an internship can count towards, and how many hours you will need to complete during the semester.

This video introduces you to the Internship Coordinator, while also walking you through how to receive credit.

This video explains internship requirements like having a mentor, completing your hours, and having a quality educational experience. 

This video discusses useful resources for finding internship opportunities.