Internship Learning Agreement: Docusign

 Use the form below to begin the Learning Agreement.  Definitions are provided below if you need any clarification.


Useful Definitions


Internship Provider: Often referred to as the internship site, the Internship Provider is the organization that is hosting the student for the internship experience. 

Site Supervisor: The Site Supervisor is the individual at the internship site who will be the primary mentor for the internship experience.  They provide leadership, assign tasks, and guide the intern.  They also help the student complete course requirements, including but not limited to, assisting the student with learning objectives, verifying work hours, and completing an evaluation of the intern’s performance.   

Faculty Supervisor: The Faculty Supervisor is the professor/instructor overseeing the UVU internship course in which a student is enrolled. The Faculty Supervisor is in direct contact with the student and Site Supervisor throughout the semester and oversees assignments and projects assigned during the duration of the internship period.