International Internships

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Congratulations on your interest in an international internship.  This experience will broaden your perspective, enhance your education and be a life changing event.  In order to participate in an international internship and receive academic credit you will need to meet the eligibility requirements, submit an application, obtain the required signatures and meet with your Internship Coordinator to register for the internship course.   This process will help to insure physical safety, academic readiness, and preparation for the internship leading to a successful and enriching experience abroad.

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Apply for AN International Internship 

An application is required for any student interested in receiving academic credit for performing an international internship.  A student checklist is also included in the section above to help guide students through the international internship process. The application is used to ensure that important logistical and preparatory matters have been addressed and completed prior to a student's internship.  Before departing, students traveling abroad are required to complete tasks and verify that the appropriate pre-departure documentation has been completed.  This is done to ensure that  the student is not only approved for academic credit but has also completed other important tasks.