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Disney Professional Internships

Disney Professional Internships are corporate internship opportunities with ESPN, ABC, MARVEL and MORE!

  • Check out Disney Careers website and the Disney Programs Blog for great information about professional internships.
  • Do a Keyword search for what you are interested in and on the right side filter it to only show Professional Internships.
  • If you’re ready to apply then apply for as many positions as you feel you’re qualified for. If you’re not ready yet then read through the positions you’re interested in and start building your skills.
  • Keep checking in as the positions change frequently.

5 Reasons to Participate in the Disney College Program

  1. Earn UVU credit while living and working at the Happiest Place on Earth
  2. Connect with company leaders and build your network
  3. Make lifelong friends from all over the world
  4. Transform Yourself into a more confident and outgoing person
  5. Open doors to future career opportunities

How to Apply

Disney College Program How to Apply:

  • Check out the Disney College Program website and the Disney Programs Blog for great information on the program and what you can expect as a Disney College Program Cast Member.
  • Apply for the program online when applications are open for the semester you wish to participate, or sign up for updates from Disney.
  • Schedule your phone interview with a Disney recruiter - you will receive an email invitation to schedule this if you are selected to move forward in the process.
  • Talk to Amy Saville if you want tips and/or other information before your phone interview.
  • Once you are accepted, you will need to find your internship coordinator and fill out an Internship Application
  • After your application has been reviewed, you will be notified to register for the internship course by email. Do not try to register for these credits before you get confirmation that your internship application is approved.  This process generally takes 5-7 business days. 


If you have further questions about how to apply for a Disney Internship or how to apply for academic credit, contact

Amy Saville

Amy Saville

University College/Disney internship coordinator 

10:00 Am - 2:00 Pm


801.863.5368|LC 410 M