International Internship Info

Getting Started

  1. Begin the international internship application process at least six weeks prior to departure.  Starting earlier than this will also increase your chances of ensuring all requirements are completed prior to departure for your internship.
  2. Complete the Global Internship Travel Registration, including paying the $25 registration fee.
  3. Consult your college’s Internship Coordinator.
  4. Complete Internship Orientation Training.
  5. Ensure that the International Memorandum of Understanding is completed by your internship provider.
  6. Apply for and register for academic credit with your Internship Coordinator
  7. Complete all assignments given to you by your Faculty Supervisor
  8. Complete the Export Control (online form), additional information about export control is available here.
  9. Sign & submit the Assumption of Risk & Release (online form). 
  10. International Health and Evacuation Insurance: You will receive an email from Customer Service from UVU's insurance provider, GeoBlue, that instructs you to register using a Certificate Number provided in the email so that you can print out an insurance ID card.  For some international internships and/or international travel programs, you will be required to pay for this insurance. You will receive an email with instructions for paying for the insurance from if you are responsible to do so.

*Note: Students planning travel to regions under US Department of State Travel Warningor CDC Warning Level 3, must submit an Exemption Request for Traveland an High Risk Travel Waiver/Release form to the Office for Global Engagement. Both forms must also be sent to


It is highly recommended that you submit your completed and signed application at least two months prior to the internship in order to allow time for all preparations and documentation to be completed.  The university cannot guarantee internship approval, credit, or assistance with travel preparations for anyone starting the application process less than two months prior to their scheduled departure date and will not consider applications for those leaving in less than six weeks.

Paying for your experience

Below you will find some useful resources to help you identify potential financial resources to assist you in paying for your internship experience.


UVU International Internship Cost Calculator: This will help you estimate and calculate potential costs of performing an international internship.

UVU Internship ScholarshipsThe UVU Internship Services departments offers scholarships each semester, including the Li Ka-Shing Executive International Scholarship.

Fastweb: An online resource designed to help you find great resources, including scholarships, in order to pay for your education. 

Go Fund Me: Many students have utilized Go Fund Me in an attempt to help them pay for an enriching educational experience.

Utah Higher Education Assistance Authority (UHEAA): A subsidiary of the State Board of Regents, UHEAA is an agency of the State of Utah which administers Utah's student financial aid programs.

Useful Resources

The following website International Resources provides some very useful information on a variety of factors relating to international travel including:

  • International Travel Medical Insurance
  • Smart Traveler Enrollment Program
  • Country Specific Information
  • Disease Control & Prevention
  • The CIA Fact book
  • Lonely Planet
  • Currency Converter
  • USA Passport Information
  • USA Embassies Worldwide 

Common Questions

What kind of internships are offered?

You may arrange your own international internship using personal connections, recommendations or third-party agencies and/or the assistance from UVU Internship Services.   Many UVU internships are facilitated through third party agencies but other opportunities may be available as well.  To learn more about potential opportunities you will want to meet with an Internship Services representative.  Other international internships may also be posted on Handshake or a job and internship search website such as

Can I get course credit for my internships?

Yes! If the internship is related to your course of study then it can be considered for course credit.  You will need to contact your college's Internship Coordinator and get approved for credit registration. Per university policy, students will need to complete 60-75 hours of service with their internship site per credit hour. The number of credit hours required (60-75) is set forth by individual academic departments.

Where do the credits go?

Credits may be used towards your major, minor, general education course or as an elective. Talk with your Internship Coordinator or Academic Advisor to learn about graduation requirements.

What is the difference between internships, study abroad, and international exchange?

Internship: An internship can be defined as a learning experience involving the application of classroom knowledge to a real-world environment. Internships involve the use of structured learning objectives designed to help students learn more about potential career paths and to gain job-related skills in a practical setting. Students may be eligible for academic credit if the internship meets the credit criteria set-forth by specific colleges and/or departments. At UVU, some departments require internships for graduation and some do not. Internships may be paid or unpaid. While internships are usually temporary positions, typically lasting a semester, it is not uncommon for students who perform well to have their internship develop into regular employment positions!


Study Abroad: Each year, more than a dozen study abroad opportunities are available to UVU students during the summer months. Study abroad is open to all students, from every academic discipline. Students may earn academic credit towards their major and/or elective credit. UVU study abroad is a group experience. Study abroad participants can expect to be on-site with a full-time UVU faculty member & approximately 5-15 other program participants. For more information about current study abroad programs & how to apply, please visit Study Abroad Outbound Programs.

International Exchange: Select UVU schools & Colleges offer opportunities for international exchange. An International Exchange can be summarized as an experience in which a UVU student lives abroad and studies at a partner university in a foreign country. The programs are ideal for students who are independent and who seek a cultural immersion experience. These credit bearing exchanges are typically one semester in length. To find out if your school/college has an international exchange program in place, contact the respective Department chair.

Will an internship push back my graduation?

No. If performed for credit, an internship can actually put you ahead. Internships are also helpful as they often aid students in discovering potential career paths and generally increase the student’s chances of obtaining future employment.

Are there fees involved? Where does my money go?

There is a fee of $25 dollar travel registration fee which is used to cover administrative costs and to provide scholarships for students performing international internships.  Students will also need to purchase travel insurance through the Office of Global Engagement.

How much is an internship going to cost?

There are many variables that determine the cost of your experience. Travel costs, accommodations, food, leisure, souvenirs, etc. may vary from one country to another. Whether or not the internship site charges their own program fee and associated costs and/or whether or not the experience is paid or unpaid can significantly change your costs. An internship experience generally varies anywhere from $1,000 to $15,000.  Refer to the section above, Paying for Your Experience.

What is the biggest unanticipated cost?

First-time travelers usually underestimate how much they will spend on food & personal expenses (souvenirs, keep sakes, etc.)

Can I apply for scholarships to the program?

Check with Financial Aid & Scholarships to see if your scholarship can be applied towards an international internship. Normally scholarships awarded for fall or spring terms cannot be applied for summer courses. UVU Internship Services awards a limited number of scholarships to students performing internships! Applications for scholarships can be found at UVU Internship Scholarships.

Can I apply for FAFSA?

Check with the Financial Aid Office (BA105) for eligibility.

Can I perform an internship anywhere in the world?

Students wanting academic credit for their internship experience need to consider that there are some countries that Utah Valley University will not approve for internship credit due to various reasons, but primarily related to safety concerns. Countries under travel warning are not permissible for travel. Countries under travel alert are permissible, but the student should still take into consideration the reason why the alert was issued.

Travel Warning: Determined by various factors including unstable government, civil war, ongoing intense crime or violence, or frequent terrorist attacks in those specific regions.

Travel Alert: Designated when short-term events such as political protest or health alerts are presently occurring. For an updated list of countries currently under travel alert or warning, please visit the following site: State Department Travel Alerts and Warning.

What happens after I have my internship approved?

With the help of your Internship Coordinator, you will need to register for your internship course, complete the Internship Orientation, and arrange to communicate with your Faculty Supervisor throughout the semester. Together, you and your internship Coordinator will establish learning objectives that will guide you through your internship experience.