Covid-19 and Internships at Utah Valley University


COVID-19 Modified Operations


In order to continue the processing of your internship application, you must complete a verification stating that you agree to the terms associated with COVID-19 risk. After completing your section of the verification, your internship coordinator will proceed with your application.  The link is below.  Note: This verification is separate from Internship Orientation and the Application for Academic Credit.

For questions, please contact your internship coordinator. Find the appropriate coordinator below according to your area of study. 

Coordinator contact information

Out-of-State and International


Out-of-State: Due to COVID 19, a UVU domestic travel ban could affect those seeking internship credit for internships that are outside of the state of Utah unless you meet one of the following three exceptions: 1) Senior status and graduating in the next two semesters, 2) Resident of the state where the internship is being performed, or 3) the internship is a remote or work-from-home opportunity. If you are interning outside of Utah and do not meet these exceptions, please contact the Internship Coordinator for your program. They will work with the department chair to determine possible alternative course options. To find your Internship Coordinator, please visit  

Note: All students attempting to perform an out-of-state internship will still need to complete the COVID-19 Verification Agreement. 

International: Credit for international internships is not available until travel conditions change under UVU and relevant state and federal policies. 


For more information, visit the Return to Campus website.