Mission Statement

The Office of International Affairs & Diplomacy actively supports UVU's global engagement efforts by:

  • Advancing UVU's presence and prestige in the international community;
  • Helping UVU students become globally competent graduates;
  • Promoting cultural literacy and diversity both on campus and in the community;
  • Creating opportunities for engaged learning and regional economic development through cultural exchanges and diplomatic visits.
Dr. R.E. Butler

Dr. R.E. "Rusty" Butler

Associate Vice President, International Affairs and Diplomacy

Dr. Butler is the Associate Vice President for the Office of International Affairs and Diplomacy and Director of the Utah-Russia Institute at Utah Valley University. In addition, he is the Honorary Consul General of the Russian Federation in Utah and member of the Utah Consular Corps which represents all foreign consulates in Utah.

Dr. Butler's career started as a professor of linguistics in Canada from which he branched into private business in western Canada and the United States. He later served as a senior staff member in the U.S. Senate and the Reagan White House before entering management with the Boeing Corporation in its military operations. He returned to the academic world at UVU in 1992.

Dr. Butler was twice awarded the medal of merit by the Russian Foreign Ministry and has published in the Ministry's journal, International Affairs. He was awarded an honorary degree from the Kyrgyz National University He is an accomplished triathlete, cyclist, marathon runner and plays ice hockey in his spare time.


Amy Barnett

Amy Barnett

Program Coordinator & Chief of Protocol, International Affairs and Diplomacy

Amy Barnett comes to UVU as a skilled international events manager, having acted as the principal relations liaison between mostly Russian speaking National Olympic Committees/dignitaries and the organizing committees for both the Salt Lake 2002 and the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games.

She has six years of international customer service management experience and has trained staff throughout much of Eastern Europe. Her volunteer experience spans several years and includes collaborating with LDS international charities and a variety of Russian non-profit organizations. She also worked as a visa and travel agent, as well as a Russian interpreter in Utah and English teacher in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Amy is a passionate traveler and loves to share her insights and experiences of favorite places abroad. She uses her creativity to enrich international hosting events at UVU and her work environment.


Marie Poudiougou

Marie Poudiougou

Assistant, International Affairs and Diplomacy

Marie  is an International Student from Mali in West Africa. She went in a cadet school, a military school when she was 12 years old, and spent her secondary and high school there. She is one of the presidential interns at Utah Valley University, serving at the Office of International Affairs and Diplomacy. Previously, Marie did an internship with Orem City Justice Court in fall 2012. Also she did an internship with a presidential candidate (Yeah Samake) in Mali in fall 2011.

Currently, Marie is a Senior, Majoring in Political Science with a concentration on International Relations and two minors in languages (Spanish and French) and Peace and Justice at Utah Valley University. She is the president of the Foreign Affairs Club and an ISC (UVU International Student Council) member. Marie speaks the following languages, French (the official language in her country), Bambara (her native language), Dogon (her ethnical language), Spanish (minoring language) and English.

She is interested in Diplomacy, and would like to represent her country around the world as ambassador. She would like to make a difference in Africa by helping people achieve a better life, especially women and children.