About Us


We at the Intramural Office are dedicated to helping UVU Students, Faculty and Staff n finding their own niche on campus.  We provide opportunities to participate in a wide variety of individual and team sports at various levels of competition.  We strive to provide not only structured and organized programs, but we are always looking for new activities to include in our program and accommodate each person's interests and strive to provide activities to fit their interests.


The Intramurals Office is located in the Student Life and Wellness Center on the 2nd floor, office 213.


Our office hours are Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm.


(801) 863-5568

image of Jenny Berret
Jen Berrett
Intramurals Coordinator

Phone: (801) 863-6018
E-mail: jberrett@uvu.edu

Dustin LaMont
Assistant Intramurals Coordinator

Phone: (801) 863-5534
E-mail: dustin.lamont@uvu.edu