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Annual Reports

Fact Books

The fact books in this section (2019-2020) are in a different format than the older fact books in the section below (2014-2018). Some of the information in previous fact books can be found in the Annual Reports section above (Tableau dashboards).

The Fact Book gives general information about the University as a whole. In addition to data provided by Institutional Research, it also includes information from other areas of campus (Budget Office, Human Resources, Facilities, etc.) The sections in the fact book are: General Information, Administration, Faculty, Enrollment, Students, Support organizations, Finance, and Facilities. Many of the graphs in the book show a five year trend. If you have questions about the data contained in the fact books or need older information, please contact Leisa Galloway at 801-863-7926.

Common Data Set

The Common Data Set houses general information about the university. It is a way to compare similar data regarding the university to other institutions around the nation. Every institution should fill out the Common Data Set. The Common Data Set is also used as a base for many other surveys. It contains the following areas: General Information, Enrollment & Persistence, First-time, First-year (Freshman) Admission, Transfer Admission, Academic Offerings and Policies, Student Life, Annual Expenses, Financial Aid, Instructional Facilities & Class Size, and Degrees Conferred.

Consumer Accountability

Student Disclosures

Drug, Alcohol, and Tobacco Laws and Prevention 

Drug, Alcohol, and Tobacco laws and prevention information


Financial Aid Information

Assistance Programs

Need-Based Programs


Application and Awards



Student Employment


Institutional Information

Financial Information

Academic Programs


Accessibility Services

Financial Assistance for Study Abroad

Copyright Infringement and Illegal File-Sharing Notice

Transfer Credit

Student Diversity

Retention and Graduation Rates

Job Placement and Graduate/Professional Enrollment


Privacy of Student Records (FERPA)




Health and Safety


Student Consumer Complaints

Informal reports or complaints associated with UVU should be directed to the appropriate university office or department. Click here for help reporting your concern.

Formal Student Complaints.

  1. Complaints against the University relating to fraud, false advertising, or other deceptive practices can be filed with the Utah Division of Consumer Protection, 160 East 300 South, 2nd Floor, Salt Lake City, UT 84111, Telephone No. 801-530-6601, Toll Free in Utah at 1-800-721-SAFE. In addition, students involved with distance and correspondence education can file a complaint with their state’s enforcement authority (State Regulators/Student Consumer Complaints) HERE.
  2. Complaints relating to issues that are covered by the Student Rights and Responsibilities Code should follow the University's prescribed process for filing a complaint.
  3. Complaints relating to the quality of education at UVU or other issues appropriate for consideration by UVU's accrediting body can be filed with the Northwest Commission of College and Universities at

Copies of documents describing the University's accreditation and state approval are available for review upon request.
For concerns that are not successfully resolved at the university level, complainants may contact any of the following organizations: