Program Feasibility

UVU strategically adapts its program offerings to meet regional need. This website contains data that helps to justify the development of new programs by identifying labor for need, local supply, and the breadth of offerings provided by other institutions. These data are intended to support conversations regarding new degrees at all levels.


Enrollment Reports

External Demand

  • Workforce Demand
    • DWS Occupation Data (pdf)
    • Department of Workforce Services (DWS)
    • Master's Degree Workforce Demand 2012-14 (pdf)
    • UVU Economic Overview & Program Gap Analysis (prepared by EMSI)
      • Data Tools
        • Economic Development and Employer Planning System - articulates higher education program data with Bureau of Labor Statistics metrics for occupations at the national, state and regional levels.  The EDEPS is a dynamic analytical tool that accesses IPEDS and BLS data to quickly analyze higher education supply and labor market demands.  This tool is free and includes additional features such as market area industry trends, higher education demographics and labor market patterns.
        • Burning Glass LaborInsight -  a web-based portal that aggregates nearly 200 million job postings collected every day from close to 40,000 websites and other online sources.  Since this data is updated daily, it is more sensitive to immediate labor market trends and allows for queries of the local labor job market in real time. This resource complements the broader longitudinal data analysis provided by EDEPS and together provide both an immediate, highly detailed current snapshot of the labor market as well as long-term trends and projections for occupational supply and demand.
      • If you would like labor market data, you can request it through IR's "Make A Request" form.