Student Success The student success section supports our institutional core theme of “student success” and provides several indirect measures to promote student engagement in learning experiences by connecting their beliefs and life goals to curricular requirements. The frequency of these surveys varies depending on the nature of the study. Examples include measures of student satisfaction with campus services, measures of educational outcomes, measures of employment of graduates, measures of students’ future goals, etc.

Reports include: Freshman Success, Placement Studies, Retention Studies, Graduated Student Survey, Graduated Alumni Survey, Employer Survey, and Non-Returning Student Research.
Student Opinion In the student opinion section we offer information resulting from both standardized and non-standardized assessment instruments measuring students’ expectations and satisfaction of University services. The institution uses the resulting information to better address various aspects of student related needs.

Reports include: Student Omnibus Survey, Beginning College Survey of Student Engagement (BCSSE), National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE), Survey of Student Opinion (SSO), and Admitted Not Enrolled Survey.
Faculty/Staff In this section we provide information resulting from both standardized and non-standardized assessment instruments evaluating faculty and staff development initiatives and the degree to which faculty and staff practices are aligned to the institutional philosophy of being an engaged institution. Results from these surveys serve to help the institution better address employee related needs or concerns, employee satisfaction with personal and professional development on campus, and other variables of interest.

Reports include: Faculty/Staff Omnibus Survey, Great Colleges to Work For Survey, Faculty Survey of Student Engagement (FSSE), Higher Education Research Institute(HERI), and Faculty/Staff Surveys.
Specialty Studies The specialty studies section encompasses research in several broad domains within the institution and/or the community. These studies are designed to help the institution in the planning and decision making processes and to better address matters of institutional and community concern. These surveys are carried out upon request and may or may not necessarily reoccur.

Reports include: Child Care Survey, Economic Impact Study, Unique Educational Mission Committee Reports, Department-Specific research, Urban Areas Comparison, Community and Unique Educational Mission Survey.