Welcome to Integrated Studies at UVU.

About the Program:

Welcome to Integrated Studies at UVU. Our program offers a four-year interdisciplinary Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts course of study that enables you to combine two different disciplines into a single degree. It's not a double major, nor is it a major / minor combination. It is a way of integrating different areas of knowledge into a solid interdisciplinary degree.

How it works:

Departments across UVU have designed 40 areas of emphasis that can be combined with the Integrated Studies core curriculum to create a wide variety of educational possibilities for you. Each emphasis area comes as a set of required and elective courses, approved by the departments that created them. So, this isn't a "cobbled-together" degree; it's a degree that requires careful planning and coordination between you and your academic advisors from each emphasis area.

What to expect as a student:

One principle behind our program is that the complex problems of today require thinking that is informed by the study of multiple disciplines. As an Integrated Studies student, you will demonstrate your ability to think across disciplines as you complete your Capstone Project, a thesis or project that uses the tools and knowledge of your two emphasis areas to answer the questions you are posing. Capstone Projects are generally completed over two semesters, while you work closely with expert faculty who specialize in each of your emphasis areas.

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Intersections is a student journal which provides exemplary students from multiple disciplines the opportunity to publish in a peer-edited journal.

Submissions include written works and visual art.

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