International Festival

UVU international students and the International Student Council (ISC) are excited to help host one of the biggest International Fiesta at UVU. The entire day is dedicated to the international diversity of our school and community. There are lots of fun activities like booth presentations from different countries,  games, dances, and of course lots of International food prepared by students.

Cosponsered with UVUSA, the UVU International Student Council, and Prodigy Promos

Fall 2014 Schedule

Saturday November 1, 2014

Korean Cultural Night | 7:00 PM | Center Stage 

This is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about Korea while having fun. There will be plenty of entertainments such as Korean traditional games, dance, k-pop songs and more.

The Korean cultural night is open to the public, so feel free to bring your friends and family.

Children Free (Age 0-5)

UVU Students $3 (required UVU ID)

Others $ 5

Monday November 17, 2014

International Festival | 6:30 PM | Ballroom |Free 

Attendees will experience a wide array of international cultures by playing traditional games, tasting traditional food, and viewing traditional performances from different countries.

A great family activity!

Saturday November 22, 2014

African Cultural Night | 6:00 PM | Center Stage |Free 

Africa is the most amazing, interesting and diverse continent on earth. It is the home of an incredible variety of people, animals, climates, and spectacular places. It is a continent known for its beautiful, colorful clothing and its history of incredible works of art. Don't miss the opportunity to learn more about Africa while having fun. This event is open to the public, we encourage you to invite your Friends and family.

Entertainments include Food, fashion show, games, dance and more. 

Feel free to dress up because there is a price for the best African outfit for the night, so come prepared.