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International Student Council (ISC)

Utah Valley University's International Student Council (ISC) is a student mentoring organization.  Each international student is assigned to one of six mentoring groups. ISC mentors plan activities to help acclimate and integrate international students into life and academics at UVU. The ISC is comprised of broad spectrum of international students with varied talents, skills and backgrounds.  If you are an international student and don't know who your mentor leaders are, please email

Profiles in Success

International students thrive in UVU’s vibrant academic atmosphere that allows them to share their gifts and talents with classmates and faculty while carving out their own individual niche as students. Almost daily, international students are extended opportunities to discover and develop their scholarly passions through the institution’s unique emphasis on engaged learning.

However, international students also face hurdles that most students don’t. Due to federal regulations, international students must pay out-of-state tuition for the duration of their enrollment at UVU; they cannot obtain residency for purposes of tuition. International students, for the most part, also cannot work when they are studying in the U.S., and must rely on a limited availability of part-time campus employment.

Information for New International Students


Feel the energy and excitement of a university where students come first and your success is our priority.

At UVU, we are committed to small class sizes where your instructors know you by name. Here, you’ll have opportunities to research with your instructors, engage in community service and participate in leadership organizations.

Location & Employment Opportunities

Many students choose UVU for its ideal location and employment opportunities.

International students can choose from many different jobs if they choose to work while studying here at UVU. An advantage of UVU is that international students are permitted to work on campus as soon as they are registered for classes. According to government regulation F-1 visa students are permitted to work 20 hours each week while they attend school full time, and can work up to 28 hours each week while on their semester vacation.

Known for its values-based community, UVU’s campus is recognized as one of the safest in the country and is home to one of the world’s largest LDS Institute programs. Utah Valley is also rich in culture and the arts with many local museums and venues for theatre, music and other artistic performances.

Within 20 miles, you’ll enjoy access to rock climbing, skiing, hiking, mountain biking, water recreation and more. UVU is located just 80 km south of Salt Lake City, allowing the students to be close to an International Airport as well as the history, culture, and outdoor recreation that Salt Lake City offers.

ESL - English as a Second Language

The Utah Valley University has a Second Language Program designed to help non-native English speakers develop fluency in both spoken and written English.

The courses in the ESL Program are designed to help students:
... who need English for job improvement and new opportunities
... who need to develop English language proficiency in order to attend an American college or university
... who need English for use in business, industry, and personal employment

Students are placed, according to ability, into one of four levels, ranging from basic to advanced. They progress from level to level by demonstrating mastery of the skills and concepts appropriate to their level of study.

All students study a curriculum consisting of:

  • grammar (both written and spoken)
  • reading
  • writing
  • listening (for both conversation and academic purposes)
  • conversation (which includes pronunciation, stress, intonation, and vocabulary)
  • vocabulary

A great benefit for UVU is that students who complete the ESL program or pass the English Proficiency Exam are automatically eligible to register into regular degree seeking classes. There is no additional application fee involved.

Free Tutors

Here on campus there are many services for FREE tutoring. The Math Lab provides tutoring for all UVU students in a relaxing, friendly atmosphere, helping students with homework. The Writing Center offers help to student with correcting papers and essays as well as teaching basic writing skills. UVU also offers free online tutoring for biology, chemistry, and physics classes. Also available to students are the Peer Tutoring Services which provides academic support in a safe and friendly setting for all UVU students.

Student Health Insurance

Due to the high cost of medical care in the United States, UVU strongly encourages all international students to carry health insurance while attending school. UVU does not sponsor any particular international student health insurance company, but a quick internet search for "international student health insurance" will yield several options.

UVU Student Health Services

UVU has an on campus health clinic, Student Health Services, which provides low cost services for UVU students in the areas of medical and psychiatric care, psychological services, learning disability assessment services, and suicide awareness and prevention.


A distinguishing characteristic of UVU is its unique architecture. Built with students in mind, UVU’s campus offers indoor walkways between each of the university’s main buildings (a favorite feature during cold, winter months). UVU is also known for its serene grounds featuring fountains, ponds, trees and manicured lawns. In the student commons area, you’ll find big screen TVs and pool tables for both relaxation and mingling with friends between classes.


Wolverine athletics are a highlight of campus life and a source of school pride for both students and the community. The University’s 8,500-seat arena is home to both men’s and women’s basketball, and a baseball facility adjacent to I-15 is home to Wolverine baseball as well as the Orem Owlz, a minor league affiliate to the Anaheim Angels.

At UVU, spectators enjoy the University’s 13 competitive sports including the only collegiate wrestling team in Utah. There are also more than 25 intramural sports teams and many club teams for you to participate in.


Clubs connects students to Utah Valley University in a unique way. Participation in a club reflects each student’s individual interest, hobby, professional aspirations, and/or academic desires while allowing the students to be involved on the level that they are most comfortable.

 Housed within the Department of Student Leadership and Involvement, the Clubs Office works with over 100 clubs on campus providing opportunities that complement the classroom experience by promoting student involvement, enhancing leadership skills, and preparing students to take on active societal roles within their communities. Many clubs receive University, local, and national recognition. Students are encouraged to join an existing club or start new club. Clubs are a great way to connect with other people on campus and explore individual passions.


Whether you’re looking for game rooms and a swimming pool or more quiet and simple living arrangements, you’ll find yourself surrounded by both at UVU. Although there is no on-campus housing, many apartment complexes offer free shuttle service to get you to and from school, while others are located within walking distance. If you choose to live farther away, simply ride Utah Transit Authority (UTA) buses with your valid student ID.

View International Student Housing Guide, or call the Campus Housing office at (801) 863-8659 for more information.

You Should Know

UVU offers a quality education at an affordable price.
There are more than 32,000 students enrolled at UVU.
The Utah Valley Community offers many employment options and social activities.
UVU has a 58% male, 42% female student population.
The University keeps class sizes small to give a more personalized learning experience.
UVU students come from all 50 states and 79 countries.


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