The UVU International Student Scholarship Fund

If you are interested in learning more about opportunities to contribute to the success of UVU’s international students, the institution has established the UVU International Student Scholarship Fund that provides support to qualifying students.

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The following are sample profiles of the high caliber international students who select UVU as their higher learning destination of choice:

Kevin De Paz Negrete

Portrait of ISS Spotlight Kevin De Paz Negrete

Home Country: Mexico

Languages: Spanish, English, Chinese (in progress)

Major: Finance

Kevin De Paz Negrete is synonym of dedication, discipline and focus. Raised by a single mother, Kevin had to learn about responsibility at a very young age. Being the only child, Kevin became the only support for his mother; event that taught him to work hard. At the age of fourteen years old Kevin started his own clothing store, in Mexico City, event that lead him to wide his dreams and aspirations.

Kevin, inspired by his entrepreneur spirit, decided to enroll at UVU in search of more opportunities. At UVU, he found skills that he never thought he had. UVU has helped him, by engaging learning and adding real world experiences to class, to acquire a new language and to develop leadership skills.

Because of his great dedication and involvement, Kevin has been granted a scholarship, from part of the international Student Council and will be mentoring students at Utah Valley University. “Being awarded with something like this represents a huge responsibility. That is why I give the best of me on everything I do” he said.

“UVU has helped me to expand my world and capabilities. I am really happy to be part of this great and diverse institution” Kevin said

Victoria Ekpoma

Portrait of ISS Spotlight Victoria Ekpoma

Home Country: Nigeria

Languages: English, Ishan and Yoruba

Major: Nursing

As a child growing up on the streets of Lagos- Nigeria, Victoria dreamed of someday changing the world by helping everyone around her. While working at the grass roots level to bring healthcare to her local community, her passion for service and excellent work ethics singled her out for an opportunity to study Nursing at UVU as an undergraduate.

At UVU, Victoria has been an exceptional student, true to her dreams she works with the UVU Inclusion committee, the International Students Council, Academic Tutoring and Science/Health departments to help other students achieve academic excellence and have a richer college experience.

Victoria owes her deepest gratitude to UVU’s inclusivity that accepts her and offers her a place to be her best. She has loved and enjoyed the community and belonging that UVU and Nursing school has provided her ever since she left her home and family.

“I see friends everywhere in UVU; along the hallways, in the classrooms and offices,” Victoria shared. “I would not have made it this far without them, people who truly care about you and your success, that’s family right there.”

Henintsoa Rakotoarisaona

Portrait of ISS Spotlight Henintsoa Rakotoarisaona

Home Country: Madagascar

Languages: Malagasy, French and English

Major: Environmental Science and Management

Although Henintsoa is from Madagascar, she grew up in Kenya which she also calls home. Both countries are rich in their flora and fauna. However, concerned about the ongoing environmental degradation, she resolved to pursue a degree that would help her to preserve the environment. From her very first year at college, she has been involved with undergraduate research under UVU’s Earth Sciences Department and highly appreciated how the faculty have been encouraging and helpful towards mentoring her. She was also elected as her department’s Outstanding Student of the Year. “I can confidently say that I would have not gained the skill set I have today if not for UVU. For instance, I have been able to attend several national conferences all over the country to present my research which was funded by UVU’s Engaged Learning Program. I am also very humbled to be part of the International Student Council through which not only could I help my fellow international students, but also gain valuable leadership experience.”

Vinicius A. J. Vitaliano

Portrait of ISS Spotlight Vinicius A. J. Vitaliano

Home Country: Brazil

Languages: Portuguese

Major: General Science

Vinicius A. J. Vitaliano, I was born and raised in Sao Paulo Brazil. At age 18, I moved to the United States to learn English and further my education. In the fall of 2009, I attended Utah Valley University where I obtained an English as a Second Language Diploma and my Associates Degree in General Science. During my academic career at Utah Valley University, I was elected as the Vice President of the International Student Council. Through this opportunity, I had the privilege to return to Brazil as part of a Business Trade Mission. I worked alongside the Governor of Utah to recruit prospective students by conducting lectures which strengthened the international student exchange relationship.

In 2012, I married my wife, Cristyane Vilatiano and had a child in December 2014. I then enlisted in the United States Army in February 2015 and went on to attend Basic Combat Training at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. I then attended Advanced Individual Training at Fort Sam Houston, Texas where I gained my MOS 68X, Behavioral Health Specialist. I was then assigned to my first duty station, A Company, Carl R Darnall Army Medical Center. I am currently assigned to EBH 4 Soldier Behavioral Health Services where I screen patients during triage, conduct Fort Hood Behavioral Health clearings, establish access to care initial appointments and manage clinical operations. In January 2017, I won the CRDAMC Soldier of the year and in April 2017 I was the first runner up for the Regional Health Command- Central Best Warrior Competition.

My short term goals is be accepted into the Green to Gold Program for the Fall Semester. My Long term goals are to obtain my Bachelor’s Degree in International Business and pursue my career as an Army Officer.