Alec Saunders, IS Alumnus - IS&T 2016

Associate Database Administrator Domo

How has your degree from UVU helped you in your current position?

"Getting a degree shows that you are willing to work hard and do what is required of you. It shows that you can get work done on a deadline (turning in assignments on time). I learned a lot from my two years at UVU, but my theory is that more than what you learn from school (which let’s be honest, you could learn on your own), it sends a message to your future employer that you are a committed, organized, and hard working person."

"All that said, the IS&T professors at UVU are great! They really know their respective subjects, and they truly care about sharing their knowledge with their students. I’ve been enrolled at 4 different colleges in Utah—and maybe it was just timing—but it wasn’t until I got to UVU that I really started to become thirsty for knowledge. Instructors like Kodey Crandall, Dan McDonald, Matt North, and others especially inspired me to learn as much as I can about database administration and programming, both of which have been enormously helpful as an Associate Database administrator. What I have learned at UVU is invaluable in my current position at Domo."

Industry view of UVU graduates

"I haven’t really heard anything about our department now that I’m in the industry. At Domo I’m the fourth DBA on my team, and none of them have graduated from UVU. UVU’s IS&T department is still a bit of an unknown (even within UVU, from some of the other students I’ve talked to that are not in the program), but I’ve been trying to get the word out that we have one of, if not the best, IS&T programs in the state."

Advice for new students

"If all you’re doing is your homework, you’re not doing enough."

"If you’re in a programming class, and you have an idea for an app, build it! If you’re learning something new in SQL Server, why not try it out in MySQL, or Oracle? Get familiar with sites like, and StackOverflow, and learn to read documentation."

"Some of the things that really helped me were watching courses on I also joined a meetup called CocoaHeads that met every Tuesday night to get together and programmed in Swift for iOS."

"Learn as much as you can outside of class, and when you graduate and get a job, keep learning!"