Diana Waite, IT Alumni 2003

Webmaster/IT Specialist Entrepreneur

The day I got my degree I fell into the real world and started to really learn about my field of study. Fortunately the 4 years of career and real-life preparation spent at UVSC provided me with a parachute that I could rely on -- giving me the ability to pull on the different strings of knowledge to deploy a safety net so I could float safely into a job that fit me.

When I did find my niche, instead of "climbing the ladder" at everyone else's pace, my college education -- my "parachute" -- turned into a sail helping me gain momentum on my journey.

There are many people -- especially in this field -- without a degree are quite knowledgeable about IT. But studying at UVSC helped me develop the whole package. I was given the opportunity to learn not only about things directly related to IT, but about business management, finance, marketing, time and process management and so many other things that have helped me with the big picture.

I have been able to lean on my education both in my job and in my personal life. Who doesn't deal with finances, retirement plans, investments, etc? What business isn't trying to sell a product or a service? Who wouldn't like to know how to better communicate with employers or employees?

Being able to offer your company and yourself the ability to know how to use a myriad of tools is potentially the difference between a job and unemployment, a promotion or status quo, a solid investment or financial ruin.

"What's the value of a good education? Ask the person without the parachute."