Jared Downing, IS Alumnus - Business Intelligence 2014

Data Warehouse Engineer, Myriad Genetics

How has your degree from UVU helped you in your current position?

"The database and business intelligence classes I took are directly related to what I do for my job. The education I received at UVU paved the way to get me where I am now. Not just the education but using the faculty and other students to network and land an internship or a job was very valuable as well."

Industry view of UVU graduates

"People generally have a positive perception of the UVU IS and IT program and its students."

Advice for new students

"If your major is what you want to be doing for a career, then take each class with the intention of getting everything out of it you can. Meet with your professors and ask questions. There is a lot to cover in these classes so take the initiative to go deep with the subjects you feel will give you the most valuable skills. Find a job or internship to give you experience with what you are learning. The more you put in to your studies the better position you will be when searching for a job."