BMED Objectives and Outcomes

Educational Objectives

The core educational objective of the Business/Marketing Education program at UVU is to produce graduates who possess the business and technical competency necessary for educators, who are ethical, who are responsive to a diverse student population and a rapidly changing business and technology environment, and who are skilled in curriculum development and presentation.

Program Learning Outcomes

Graduates of UVU's undergraduate program in Business/Marketing (BMED) will be able to:
  1. Grow continuously as a professional educator.
  2. Create, analyze, revise and implement curricula to prepare students for success in business and life.
  3. Facilitate the learning of dynamic subject matter in a diverse learning environment.
  4. Enhance the learning environment to optimize student success.
  5. Practice positive and effective techniques for managing the classroom environment.
  6. Integrate professional student organizations into the curriculum.
  7. Communicate effectively with all stakeholders.
  8. Build professional relationships to produce a vibrant, holistic learning environment that reflects the real world and provides benefits for the student and the community.
  9. Help students to achieve success in business and life.
  10. Maintain a solid foundation in business content, general education, and professional education.