What a Degree Will Do For You

The Associate of Science (AS) degree in Information Systems is a two-year program designed to give students job-ready skills in computer operations in the business domain, IT support, networking, programming, and web development.


Every ‘top jobs’ list currently available, published by outlets such as Forbes, U.S. News, Business Insider, and others, lists numerous Information Systems jobs in their top 10. These include careers in Information Security, Data Analytics, and Software Development and Programming. The IS program at UVU offers emphases and certificates in all of these subjects, and more! (Source 1, Source 2, Source 3)

Local Job Market

The Information Systems curriculum at UVU embraces an engaged, interdisciplinary approach to preparing students to compete for in-demand and lucrative jobs available in our immediate vicinity and across the nation. We teach students to connect aspects of computer science, business management and social interaction to build and deploy computer solutions to solve organizational problems in healthcare, transportation, retail sales, manufacturing, and many other professional fields.

Build On Your Skills

The information systems program educates students so that they can grow and adapt at the pace of technological innovation. We recognize that the technologies we teach today will be replaced by future advancements. Our program doesn’t just train students to use specific computer languages or software tools; we teach students fundamental, foundational problem-solving techniques that will allow students to constantly and quickly evolve their expertise as technology changes over time.
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Online Quality

96% Oversall Satisfaction of Online Instruction

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Working Students

80% of UVU Students are Employed

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First to Attend

38% of UVU Students are the First in Their Family to Go to College.

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Adult Learners Welcome

27% of UVU Students are 25 Years or Older. We've made it our tradition to serve non-traditional students.

UVU Online is Flexible. You can do this.

Designed to fit your busy life, online courses provide you with the flexibility you need. When you're a Wolverine Online, you're a Wolverine. Period. We focus on teaching all students. You'll have access to resources and a team to support you. Before class even begins, you'll have access to tutorials to help you succeed in the online environment. Your online admissions counselor and academic advisor can direct you to additional resources to help you succeed.

UVU Online. Same UVU. Same Degree.

UVU is an open admission, public, non-profit institution with a commitment to student success. You'll earn the same degree earned by traditional on-campus students -- they even look the same! You’ll work with the same experienced full-time faculty and talented part-time professionals who are contributors and practitioners in government and industry. At graduation, we hope you'll consider participating in UVU commencement and convocation ceremonies here on campus.

UVU Online is Affordable.

Two states of Utah depicting tuition information. Students residing in Utah pay regular UVU tuition and student fees. Students residing outside Utah pay $260/credit hour flat rate.UVU Online provides incredible value, wherever you are!

Students living inside Utah pay regular UVU tuition and fees.* Non-resident students living outside of Utah in fully online certificate, associates and bachelor programs pay a flat rate, $260 per credit hour. **

Financial aid and scholarship opportunities at UVU may surprise you. Nearly half (46%) of UVU students receive some form of financial aid that does not need to be repaid. 54% of UVU Bachelor Degree Graduates and 70% of Associate's Degree graduates leave with $0 student debt. You may qualify for federal grants and loans by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and there are more than 250 different scholarship options available.*

Refer to UVU tuition tables for resident and non-resident tuition and fees.
** Flat rate for non-residents living outside Utah. Excludes Aviation and Emergency Services.

Resources & Services

We're Here to help YOU Succeed. As on online student, you're not alone. You'll have access to UVU resources to support you on your way to your UVU online degree.

There's a place for you at UVU. I'll help you find it.

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