Experiential/Challenge Credit

The Department of Information Systems and Technology does not offer experiential credit. However, students may take the initiative to “challenge” nearly every course offered by the IS&T department. When a student desires to challenge a course, it is expected that the student already has knowledge of the course’s subject.

Challenge tests are available to students during Fall and Spring semesters, and by faculty pre-approval during summer session with the following exceptions: Students may NOT take challenge tests during the first week of a semester, nor during finals week.

For further information, click here or contact the department's Administrative Assistant, Cheryl Levi, at 801-863-8182.

New Prefix for AIM Courses

Courses that support the Administrative Information Support and Administrative Information Management programs previously had a DGM prefix. As of Fall 2014, those courses have a new prefix, IM, for Information Management.

Nu Skin Scholarship for IS&T

On June 5, 2014, Nu Skin announced that it established an endowed scholarship for Information Systems and Technology students. See for more details about this exciting new scholarship!

Information Systems Scholarship

Information Systems students are encouraged to apply for the Keith R. Mulbery Endowed Scholarship for Information Systems. Details can be found here:

IEEE Student Chapter Created

A recent drive to recruit the number of IEEE student members needed has been successful with the just formed IEEE Student Branch of UVU. With Dr. A. Minaie ( as the Chapter Advisor, the Student Chapter becomes part of the world's largest professional association dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity. More information can be found at: Students are invited to review the many benefits available for student members at: including free training, a free student magazine Potentials, free technical TV programs (web streamed), and free software. A full year student membership in IEEE is $32. The UVU Chapter of UVU may ask for its own separate membership dues as required by the UVU Inter-Club Council.

The Utah Section of IEEE recently received the Best Section Award of Region 6 in the United States, serving more than 2,000 professionals in Utah. Each month there are many activities where engineers and technicians gather to socialize and discuss important developments in their disciplines. Find more information at: Student members are invited to attend the Utah Section IEEE Christmas Dinner on Dec. 7th @ 6:00 PM at the University of Utah’s Commander’s House. There is a charge for dinner and RSVP is required. See the myIEEE Vtools link to make reservations.

The Computer Society of IEEE is one of the largest organizations within this international organization. The Computer Society publishes its own journals and magazines, many of them targeting specific disciplines within the computing arena. IT Professional magazine is one example. IEEE societies address specific interests of members within IEEE and often have their own discipline-specific events. A full year student membership in the IEEE Computer Society is $13. For more information, see:

Professor Anderson Earns Adobe Certification

John Anderson has been teaching Adobe Omniture’s SiteCatalyst web analytics application in INFO 4120 Business Intelligence Systems this past year. He passed the Adobe Certified Expert SiteCatalyst certification this past year which he hopes will improve the class as he shares the knowledge necessary for the students to also gain the certification if they desire.

Kim Bartholomew Receives ScrumMaster Certification

Agile development is a group of methodologies that work well for projects where the requirements are not completely known or understood at the beginning of the project. Scrum is an Agile method where project teams are self-organized and the team delivers usable software at the end of each cycle known as a sprint. A ScrumMaster is not a project manager, but a member of the team responsible for making sure the process followed is refined over time and any things that may hinder the team are resolved.

Kim Bartholomew completed a ScrumMaster workshop offered by the ASPE-SDLC Training in August. She then passed the exam to become a Certified ScrumMaster.


Dr. C. Paul Morrey, an assistant professor in the Information Systems and Technology Department, has recently had three papers accepted for publication. Working with fellow researchers at the Structural Analysis of Biomedical Ontologies Center (SABOC) several aspects of the Unified Medical Language System (UMLS) were explored. The UMLS is an integration of most of the important electronic vocabularies used in medicine and biology and is curated by the US National Library of Medicine. These vocabularies are the foundation of such applications as electronic health records, natural language processing, and abstraction networks.

Geller J, He Z, Perl Y, Morrey CP, Xu J. Rule-based support system for multiple UMLS semantic type assignments. J Biomed Inform. 2012 (In press)

Gu H, Elhanan G, Perl Y, Hripcsak G, Cimino JJ, Xu J, Chen Y, Geller J, Morrey CP. A study of terminology auditors' performance for UMLS semantic type assignments. J Biomed Inform. 2012 (In press)

Morrey CP, Perl Y, Halper M, Chen L, Gu H. A chemical specialty semantic network for the Unified Medical Language System. J Cheminform. 2012 May 11;4(1):9.

Guest Speaker

Scott Lemon, President of HumanXtensions LLC, was a guest speaker in the INFO 405G Global and Ethical Issues of Information Systems and Technology classes recently. Scott Lemon, a member of the IS&T Advisory Board, shared his experiences in outsourcing IT development in India and the Philippines.

He discussed the reasons organizations outsource some IT development. In addition, he shared several points to consider before outsourcing: time zones, infrastructure within a country, legal implications regarding employment, office space, online tools, and source code control. Given that increased global collaborative efforts in systems development, Scott’s presentation provided valuable information to our students.