UVU Cloud Storage

Box is UVU's preferred cloud storage provider. For more information about Box, see the UVU Box page.

For more information about other cloud storage options on campus, please see the services' individual pages.


The following chart explains the types of data allowed on different storage devices:

= Permitted to store; = Must be encrypted and requires approval; = Encryption strongly suggested; = Not permitted to store

Restricted Data
Public Sensitive Data PII / SSN HIPAA / Patient Data PHI PCI / Credit Card Data
S: Drive
Adobe Creative Cloud
Microsoft OneDrive
Google Drive
Personal Drives Personal data only; no UVU data

detailed data classification document is available online.

A data classification search is also available online.

Other Cloud Storage Options

While IT suggests that most documents be stored on Box, we recognize that there are times and reasons that using cloud storage providers other than Box can be necessary or beneficial to getting work done. There are other cloud storage options available for storing public data. Please use the options below to learn more about each cloud storage provider.