Introducing Box

Box is UVU's preferred cloud storage provider. UVU Box allows each employee to quickly and easily collaborate internally and externally, bringing all employees, information and applications together to transform how each UVU employee works.

  • Unlimited secure storage
  • 15GB single file size limit
  • myUVU password protected
  • Access from multiple devices
  • Streamlined collaboration


UVU Box gives UVU employees the ability to easily manage access and sharing policies inside and outside the University, while minimizing the risk of data loss through full visibility and central management of files, security, policy and provisioning.

You can store any data in UVU Box except for HSI (Highly Sensitive Information) data as defined by the University. If you need to store HSI, you must contact the OIT Security Office for proper storage instructions and approved exceptions.

Support & Training

The videos below will help you get started using UVU Box:

If you would like more in-depth UVU Box training videos, refer to the Box Community Video Library.

If you need further UVU Box support, contact the IT Service Desk at (801) 863-8888.



Monthly Box trainings take place every 2nd Wednesday at 10-11 am and 4th Wednesday at 2-3 pm in BA-014.

Sign Up For Box Training

If you would like to request a Box training for a department or group of people, use the following web form:

Request Departmental Box Training

You may also contact the IT Service Desk to request a Box training. Please be prepared with the number of attendees, preferred date of training, and a list of desired topics to be covered.


Box Drive:

Box Drive streams your content from the cloud to your desktop, taking up very little hard drive space as you access, share and work with all your files. It is in public beta. You can find installation files for Box drive for both PC and Mac on Box's website.

You can also contact the IT Service Desk for assistance downloading and installing Box Drive.

Note: There are known issues with having both Box Sync and Box Drive installed on your machine. If you have Box Sync installed, follow the instructions to uninstall Box Sync.

Please contact the Service Desk with any additional questions regarding Box Sync.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I store in UVU Box?

You can store any data in UVU box except for restricted data as defined by the University. If you need to store restricted data, you must contact the OIT Security Office for proper storage instructions and approved exceptions. Please see the security section of this page for more information.

How do I get my account?

You can log into your UVU Box account by going to UVU Box. You will be asked to confirm that you are associated with Utah Valley University—click Continue. You will be brought to a UVU Login Services page where you can sign in with your UV ID and myUVU password.

After signing in for the first time, you will be prompted to agree to the terms and conditions and to complete the account creation process. You will soon also be able to access UVU Box from within myUVU.

How will the UVU box accounts conflict with existing personal Box accounts?

Any existing Box accounts setup with a UVU email address will receive an email that will request that the account be joined in UVU’s instance of Box. A backup of any data saved in the personal instance of Box is recommended before joining UVU’s instance of Box.

Will this be accessible off campus without the use of VPN?

Yes, the use of VPN is not required to use Box off campus.

How will migration of all S drive data happen, and when?

This phase of the project will be forthcoming in 2017.

What about PII data that has to be secured?

Access to Private sensitive information such as Social Security Numbers and credit card information is controlled by state and federal laws. Please refer to UVU PSI Policy number 449 for more details.

How will we access the data (is off campus and on campus the same)?

The process for logging into Box is the same, regardless of whether the user is located on or off campus.

Can I share from a personal folder?

No, the personal My Files folder given to all Box users cannot be shared. However, anything stored in the Internal Share folder can be shared with any UVU employee.

Data that needs to be shared to users outside UVU should be stored in the External Share folder.

Does Box have revision history?

Yes, you can view the version history of a file by clicking on the "V" below the file name or when previewing a file. You can open the version history window through the More Options menu (... > Properties > VersionHistory).

What should I do to encrypt data for storage on Box?

If you feel that the information you want to store on box is sensitive then please contact the UVU IT security office for consultation.

Can we make a read only share?

Yes — when a new folder is created, read-only permissions can be set by selecting the Viewer permission for each user that should have read-only access.

What about students using Box?

Students may be added to UVU Box in a future phase of the project.

Can I use the Personal Folder for my personal files (pictures, etc)?

Yes, you can.

Will I be able to map Box as a network drive?

We are working to procure a solution to allow drive mapping or other convenient access to Box. Using the web-based interface and Box Sync are the currently available solutions.

Box sync – What if I want to use this to get files upload?

You have to enable this feature through the web first. Use the browser if a file is too large to have it synced first.

Who should I contact for assistance?

For additional questions, contact the Service Desk by phone at 801-863-8888 or visit UVU IT Service Desk to use one of our other modes of service, including Chat, Self-Service, and Email.

How do I share folders in UVU Box?

Folder and subfolder permission levels on Box follow a "waterfall" design in which individuals only have access to the folder they are invited into and any subfolders beneath it. Please note that users can be invited into folders but not individual files.

Why Box?

UVU chose box after careful consideration of cloud storage options that allowed for storage, collaboration, security and compliance. Box was chosen as the preferred platform for UVU although other options are available as needed including Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox. Box is a vetted Internet 2 partner which also provides a faster pathway from UVU to box than traditional internet providers.