Google Drive

UVU has contracted with Google Drive in an effort to better manage the University’s intellectual property. While IT suggests that most documents be stored on Box, we recognize that there are times and reasons that using Google Drive rather than Box is necessary or beneficial to getting work done. Google Drive has been approved as a cloud storage provider for UVU employees, when they login using their UVU email address or other UVU credentials.


Data stored on Google Drive is subject to UVU Policy 449 and may not be used to store anything that is not considered public data.  Only documents that include data classified as public may be stored on any provider besides Box. See the UVU Cloud Storage web page for a chart that briefly explains the types of data allowed on different storage devices and links documents and detail about what data is considered public and what data is not.


If you have any questions about Google Drive, visit the UVU Cloud Storage web page or contact the UVU Service Desk by phone at 801-863-8888. You can also visit the UVU Service Desk to use one of our other modes of service, including chat, self-service, and email.