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All students are provided a myUVU Gmail account upon admission to Utah Valley University. This account is available via logging in to Gmail with your UVU credentials, or by logging into myUVU and checking your mailbox there.  Email accounts are  

Canvas also provides options for communication between instructors and students.

Student employees will have an employee email account. By default email will go to their employee email account ( It is important to check both accounts regularly.

myUVU Student Email Access

About Student email (GmaiL)

About CanvaS Communications 


Employee email is in the Microsoft Cloud and is accessible through the Outlook Client on desktop and laptop computers, Outlook Online and through the Outlook app or native mobile email apps on mobile devices.  All employees must use their email for all UVU business.  It also includes Calendaring and other Office 365 tools.


Outlook Online

About Employee email & Outlook

Setup Email On Your Mobile Device

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File Sharing Alternatives 

File sharing using email is not recommended. Instead, there are several options for cloud storage and file sharing at UVU, including Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and others. More information about these options is available on this page.


Cloud Storage & File Sharing