Open Labs

Computer labs are available for student use throughout campus, open at varying hours shown below. For more information about each location, follow the map link.

Lab Hours vary during summer.  Please ask a Lab Assistant or call Student Computing's phone number at
801-863-5852 for any questions about lab hours.

Computer Loft


Mon-Thur: 7am-11pm

Friday: 7am-7pm

Sat: 8am-5pm

Wasatch Lab


Mon-Thur: 6am-9pm

Fri: 7am-7pm

Sat: 8am-5pm

Campus View Lab


Mon-Fri: 7am-11:45pm

Sat: 8am-7pm

Sun: 1pm-9pm

West Campus Lab


Mon-Thur: 8am-8pm

Fri: 8am-4:30pm

Sat: Closed

Info Commons


Mon-Fri: 7am-11:45pm

Sat: 8am-7pm

Sun: 1pm-9pm

Fishbowl Lab


Mon-Fri: 8am-6pm


Computer Availability

Lab Etiquette

See the Lab Etiquette page for detailed rules of conduct when using the Open Computer Labs:


Computer Lab Etiquette


UVU has 61 student computer extensions scattered throughout campus. These extensions can be used to access school services such as registration, class schedules, grades, degree evaluations, email, and more. Check the map for their locations.

Charging Stations

We have charging stations in the Loft, Fishbowl, National Guard, and the LA/PE hallway locations. See the map above for more information.

Academic Labs

These labs are for use by students within their respective departments. For information about the labs that are available to all students, see the Open Labs above.

Department Location(s)
Behavioral Science CB-302
Education EB-101c; EB-101d
English LA-027; LA-029
Language LA-003h
Communications CB-304
Athletics WS-121
Trio LA-012
Wasatch WC-211
Health Professions HP-113; HP-129



  • To log onto a computer, your user name is your UVID and your password is your myUVU Password.
  • Computers are monitored for inappropriate use.
  • Open Lab print credit starting balance is $10.00 per semester. Print credit is reset at the beginning of each semester and is not refundable.
    • Extra print credit can be added through Print credit can be added with a credit card or cash at Campus Connection (SC 106f). You must be on a campus network (Wi-Fi or Ethernet) to access the print credit system.
    • Price per printed page: 5¢ for black & white; 20¢ for color.
    • The labs are not set up for students to use their own paper in the laser printers.
    • NOTE: Only add as much credit as you intend to use for the current semester because any unused balance will be lost at the beginning of the next semester.
    • See the Printing Services page for more information about printing on campus


Make sure you remember your password. Your password must be at least 8 characters long, contain an upper case letter and a lower case letter, 1 number, and 1 special character. It should not be your username, your middle name, the name of your significant other, one of your children, or even your dog's name. The security of your data depends on you!


  • Scanners are available for use in the Info Commons Lab.
  • The quality of the scan is dependent upon the quality of the original you submit.
    • Line art, charts, and graphs that have been photocopied work fairly well.
    • Color or black and white photographs and images taken directly from books or magazines don't generally reproduce well in a document.
  • High quality copies of text can be scanned and converted to an editable word processing format.
    • Single or multiple unbound pages can be accommodated.
    • Text scanned directly from books and magazines doesn't generally reproduce well in the converted form.
  • Please be aware of any copyright issues that may be associated with the material that you are planning to have scanned. Make sure that you can legally use the material before you bring it to us. The lab, the Center for Student Computing, or its employees cannot be held responsible for plagiarism or any kind of copyright violations by students.
  • If you desire assistance with scanning, please give the copy to be scanned to one of the lab assistants and they will be happy to assist you.


The Lab Assistants in the open labs can help you with general questions regarding Windows, Windows Applications, and basic operation of the computer. However, they may or may not be familiar with all of the software available in the labs or all the features of Windows software.

Help files are available for the software in the lab. You may refer to them if you have a question that we cannot answer for you. In almost any Windows program, just try pressing the F1 key to display the help file.

The Lab Assistants are here to assist you when they can, but they are not here to replace your instructors or to complete your assignments for you. Feel free to ask reasonable questions, and they will be very happy to help if they can.