About Employee Email

All UVU employees are automatically given an Employee Email account and are required to use it for UVU business.  They are expected to be aware of campus communications that will go to that account.  Employee emails cannot be auto-forwarded to a non UVU email account but can be accessed directly on mobile devices and computers on or off campus.  Employees who are also students will also have a Student Email account but most communications will go to their preferred email account which is their employee email account.

More Info on Preferred Email Accounts

Limitations of Employee Email

  • Employee email has a maximum storage capacity of 100 GB and 50 GB for Generic or Courtesy (shared) accounts. 
  • An email cannot be larger than 50MB including attachments. 
  • An employee cannot send to more than 500 recipients per email and to more than 10,000 addresses in a 24 hour period . 
  • An on-line archive is also available to each account without storage limits. 
  • Using the "Rules" tool in Outlook can help you to manage your email (see Outlook Support Site).

 Setting up Employee Email on a Device

Setup Email On Your Mobile Device

Personalize Your Employee Email

Customize your Email Address

All email accounts are created as UVID@uvu.edu by default. We recommend you set an alias for your incoming and outgoing email address settings using our Email Address Utility.

Email Address Utility


Add or Change your Photo

To update your photo, log into the Identity Manager (IDM) while on-campus, and choose from the pictures taken at Campus Connection.

IDM Picture Tool

To Change Information

To change your legal name or job title, contact Human Resources at (801) 863-8207.

To change your phone number, contact Telephone Services at (801) 863-8157.

To update your office information, log into myUVU and change the info there. Information must be changed through this tool to be reflected in Outlook.

myUVU - Office Location Info

Creating Additional Accounts

Generic Accounts

Departments or functional areas on campus may request a Generic email account in the Exchange system. Generic accounts allow the department or area to have an email address for the public that will remain static and isn't affected by employee turnover. Generic account requests can only be made by a UVU employee. The tools linked below should be used to request a new Generic account, change an account password, and configure access to that account.

Courtesy Accounts

Courtesy accounts may be requested for individuals who are not employed by UVU but are affiliated with UVU and need an account to access the UVU network and the UVU email system. Courtesy account requests can only be made by a full time UVU employee who is the sponsor of the account. Information regarding delegation of these accounts can be found in the section "Delegation" below.

Request Courtesy Account 

Generic and Courtesy Account Passwords

To manage the passwords on a Generic or Courtesy Account use the Email Password Manager.

Email Password Manager

Other Email Clients & Account Sharing

Viewing in Alternate Email Clients

While auto-forwarding emails to an off-campus email address is not allowed, you are able to access your emails by using another email client, including Gmail. Just follow the instructions for your client to add another email account, and use the Exchange server information. Username and password will be the same login information you use for myUVU.

  • Server: outlook.office365.com
  • Domain: ad
  • Port: 995


Connect Using Gmail Client

Exchange ActiveSync on iOS

Archive Mailbox

UVU is not allowing the use of personal archive Outlook Data (.pst) files. Instead, we will create an online Archive mailbox which is a separate mailbox stored on the Exchange server.

The online Archive is a separate Exchange server mailbox that utilizes slower cheaper disk on our SAN. This cheaper disk allows us to provide a much bigger mailbox but because of the utilization of slower disk the Archive mailbox should only store infrequently accessed mail. All user mailboxes utilize expensive fast disk to ensure the best performance possible. We have a limited amount of this type of disk space available so we must limit quotas to ensure that we do not run out of storage space. The Archive mailbox is accessible from any computer running Outlook 2010 or from OWA. You can assign Policies to your folders that will automatically move mail messages to the online Archive based on the age of the mail message. Folder structure in the Archive will mimic the structure in your main mailbox.

The archive account will be empty when it is first created. The user should move these messages from the Inbox to the Archive account to free up space in their mailbox. Messages can be moved manually or through the use of policies.

Please contact the Service Desk at 801-863-8888 to request an online Archive account.

Mass Emailing and Email Guidelines

UVU Policy forbids sending email that consumes “inordinate amounts” of resources.  IT interprets this policy on a case by case basis, as there is evidence of extreme pressure on the systems.  Additionally, the policy requires that an email sender have permission to send any messages to “large groups” of recipients.
The purpose of this policy is to protect the email system from loads that may cause outages or other problems for UVU’s large email user base.  Situations that can cause problems include delays in delivery of email, running out of disk space to store email, and the sending of inappropriate messages. For more information about mass emailing, and the methods we have in place to help you do this, please contact the Service Desk.