Remote Access to Campus Systems

Remote Access

  1. Acquire and setup a static IP for UVU computers by contacting the Service Desk at 801-863-8888.
  2. Once the on-campus machine has a static IP setup, it is ready to be remote accessed from off campus.
  3. Connect to the internet (home wireless network, WiFi hotspot, hotel wireless).
  4. Open the Cisco VPN client and click Connect.
  5. Login with UVID and Password.
  6. Click the Windows Start button and type in the search field "Remote Desktop Connection".
  7. Click Remote Desktop Connection to start the application.
  8. In the computer field type the static IP address of the on-campus machine.
  9. Click the options down arrow in the bottom-left corner of the Remote Desktop window.
  10. Put a check mark in the box "Always ask for credentials".
  11. Click "Connect".
  12. A username/password box will appear.
    Username:  ad\UVID
    Password:  myUVU password
  13. Once credentials have validated and remote access window will open and control of the on-campus machine will be possible.

S: Drive - For PC

  1. Connect to the internet (home wireless network, WiFi hotspot, hotel wireless)
  2. Open the Cisco VPN client and click Connect.
  3. Login with UVID and myUVU password.
  4. Click Start button on the taskbar and select Computer.
  5. Select Map Network Drive from the toolbar in the top of the window.
  6. Select a drive letter.
  7. In the folder field type the path:
    For S: drive - \\\groups
  8. Put a check mark in the "Connect using different credentials" box.
  9. Click Finish.
  10. A login window will appear. Type in:
    Username: ad\UVID
    Password: myUVU password
  11. After credentials are entered the drive folder will open in a new window.


A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a remote network access service that creates a private connection over the Internet between a remote host machine and the UVU network. Using VPN technology, you can connect to the university network from anywhere off campus and securely access UVU resources as if you were physically located on the UVU campus network.

A General Campus VPN account is required to access the Banner INB system and other network resources such as shared network drives from off campus. The VPN must also be used to establish a secure Remote Desktop connection to a computer physically located on UVU's campus.

Follow the steps below to request VPN access:

  1. Fill out the VPN Access Form
  2. When your request has been processed, your case will be closed, and an email containing instructions on how to setup your VPN client will be sent.

Note: Student VPN access is granted per semester. Student VPN access will terminate at the end of each semester. Consecutive semester student VPN access requires a new form be filled out by the student at the beginning of each semester.

If you have any questions regarding VPN access, please contact the UVU Service Desk.


Outlook email can be accessed on any computer with an internet connection by visiting the Outlook Web App. You can login using your UVID and myUVU password to sign in.

More information on accessing UVU Outlook email can be found on the Outlook service site.

Banner Access

  1. Connect to the internet (home wireless network, WiFi hotspot, hotel wireless)
  2. Open the Cisco VPN client and click Connect.
  3. Log in with UVID and password.
  4. Go to the Citrix Virtual Lab site (
  5. Log in with UVID and password.
  6. Click the desired instance of Banner.