There are various methods of using video conferencing on UVU campus. Learn about each of the options, and how to use them:  WebEx, Adobe Connect and Skype are the currently preferred systems with different strengths to each of them.


WebEx is available to UVU faculty and employees as a service from UEN.

To use it, fill out the form (make sure you check the WebEX box) at

Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is licensed by UVU and is available for UVU faculty and employees for meetings up to 50 people.  Contact Seth Gurrell or Jason Hill to get an account set up.



Skype logo 

Skype for business is licensed for UVU and is a freely available software for chat, anc voice/video calls.

  • Skype to Skype calls - Video or voice call anyone in the world, for free.
  • Group video calls - Bring family and friends together on a free group video call.
  • Instant Messaging - Share messages with your partner, or make plans with a group of friends.
  • Call phone numbers - See how easy it is to reach local businesses or friends who aren't online.
  • Screen sharing - Give great presentations online or show grandma how easy it is with Skype.
  • Skype Broadcast - Provides a way to Skype to a large audience of more than 250 people (the limit of Skype for business).  


Learn More about Skype Skype Website SKYPE Broadcast

Cisco Meeting Server

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Cisco Meeting Server brings premises-based video, audio, and web communication together to meet the collaboration needs of the modern workplace. It works with third-party devices, and provides an enjoyable and intuitive user experience. It also scales easily, and can be purchased using our all-in-one, user-based multiparty licensing offer.


Contact the Service Desk for information about using Cisco Meeting software.


BigBlueButton logo

BigBlueButton is an open sourced video conferencing program that is used in Canvas for online courses.

Some of the features available to teachers and students include

  • Ability to communicate face to face with students
  • Show and annotate your presentations
  • Record and play back sessions
  • Teachers have control over the audio of all users
  • Allow other students to present from their computer
  • View and participate in lectures
  • Chat to the whole group or one on one

Learn More about BigBlueButton Using BigBlueButton on Canvas

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts logo

What is Google Hangouts?
Hangouts is a free video conferencing application available to Google users. Up to 10 people can join a hangout, and it’s easy to invite specific friends or circles. Hangouts has many apps that let others view your screen, work together through Google Docs, watch presentations and view images together.
Features & when/why should I use it?
Google+ Hangouts provides many features that makes collaboration easy. Here are a few.

  1. Screenshare - This app allows you to share what is on your screen. This is available to everyone in the hangout.
  2. Google Drive - When you launch this app, you, and everyone in the hangout, can easily work on the same project or document at the same time with the added benefit of face time over long distances.
  3. Hangouts On Air - If you enable this option before starting a Hangout, your Hangout will be broadcast live across the world. Once your Hangout is over, the recording can be uploaded to your Google+ profile, your YouTube account, and even your website.

As you can see, Google Hangouts is a great option for group collaboration, tutorial creation, and long distance presentations.

Learn More about Hangouts Google Hangouts

Other Solutions

For information about other video conferencing services, or if they are supported on campus, please contact the Service Desk.