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New myUVU Update - I logged on to take a quiz this evening, and found that much of the myUVU pages were re-organized. I have been using Blackboard for several of my classes to take quizzes. Usually the window is under the Student tab, at the top left hand corner. However, tonight, it had been moved to an obscure window only found after clicking "Attending Class." As a student, I found this frustrating that this was changed in the middle of the semester, after I had gotten used to where to find Blackboard, as well as not being able to find it right away. There was no tutorial, notification, or memo of where Blackboard would have been moved to. Next time you switch things up, please take into consideration who is using your computer programs...stressed out, tired students. Were any students asked where they would prefer to have it? I know that myUVU can be confusing to navigate, and I agree it should be reorganized, but could you please survey students to see how they would like it, since they essentially are the customers. Thanks


The update to myUVU was advertised on the login page for about two weeks. Student input including student government was sought out and the changes were made based on the requests of mostly students. Changes are always difficult and we apologize for the inconvenience that this has created. The Blackboard ICON is now at the top of EVERY PAGE so it is more convenient for students. Sorry that you didn't find it. It was one of the requests from students. If you would like to give more input into these types of projects, we would welcome your participation and would like to invite you to send us your name and email so that we can include you in future projects.


The updates for Windows include an update to Internet Explorer (version 8). Last time I installed this update, about two weeks ago, part of UVU's website was incompatible. It couldn't show the frames and had other issues on some of the internal pages. Has that been fixed? If not, I'm afraid there will be many workstations on campus unable to view the university's website as most of them will be updated to the latest version of Internet Explorer as part of the updating process.


Internet Explorer has some settings for iframes that are used within the myUVU portal where this problem occurs. Check the compatibility options for I.E. 8 and this problem should be solved.


I opted it to the emergency only text messages from UVU a few weeks ago. When the HAZMAT incident occurred a while ago in the business building I had a little problem with it. I first heard about the incident on my myUVU mail. I then heard about it again on the radio I think. The problem I had with the system was at about 11:30 pm when I was first notified of the hazmat condition. I was again notified at about 12:30 am that the business building was closed until further notice. I was notified at about 2:30 am that the building had been reopened. I found it a little annoying that it woke me up three times in one night, so I opted out the following day. I think it's a good idea to be notified of any emergencies at UVU. I don't really want the same thing to happen again if I opt it. Are the notices supposed to be limited to certain hours? I kind of felt like the notices weren't as effective as they should have been. I heard about the incident through a couple other sources before UVU notified me via text.


There are a few problems with the system that we are working on:

  1. The first problem was that the person who was supposed to send the text message was quarantined in the business building and no one else was notified that they were supposed to send the message until about 11:30am when the first message was sent out. This was after many other sources had already picked up the story. We now have a procedure that should correct this issue.
  2. The message is limited to 100 characters which makes the message difficult to communicate much. It is hoped that people will get the notice and then go to other places such as the website for more information. We are reviewing possible messages so that they will better communicate what is happening and where to get information.
  3. We had a slow down on the system due to some other communications that shouldn't have happened which caused a delay in some of the messages going out. The last message was sent at 6:30pm but many got it in the middle of the night because of this delay. We were not aware of the delay nor its cause and until later the next day. We are working at ways to prevent this in the future.
  4. In addition, some cell phone providers also delayed the messages despite an agreement not to because they received a large number from a single gateway. This caused even further delays for some.

Problems 3 and 4 were the reason why you received the text messages in the middle of the night, not because it was sent at that time.

We have learned from this issue and are taking many steps to take care of these issues, but there are some things that are beyond our control since the cell phone providers are the ones that deliver the messages and most of the time they go through but sometimes they are delayed or dropped.

We do not plan on sending any messages during odd hours. We will be working on the delay issue all that we can. We do not expect to use the emergency part of the system except in the case of a real emergency needing immediate communications and actions. We do believe that the benefits of campus safety do outweigh the problems. We hope that you will Opt In again and will be a little understanding of some of the problems as we work through them with this new system.