Student IT Projects

Students may request a project of their choosing or work on a project from the list below.

Things to Know Before Getting Started

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The Office of Information Technology offers assistance and support to students working on technical projects. These are typically students taking computing or technology classes who are required to complete a technical project for a class or for their major.

Please contact Ray Walker, CIO for any questions: (, 801-863-8183)

We encourage UVU academic departments to share a link to this web page with students in need of technical project assistance and to add their projects to the list on this page.

Projects List

Project: Track Data Provided to 3rd Party Systems

Project Description

We need a system to track the many 3rd party systems with which we integrate UVU data. The goal will be to list and be able to audit exactly which data elements are authorized to be provided, along with who approved them and when. A backend database and a frontend UI will need to be designed and implemented to track all this.

Technologies Needed


Web UI


Client: Office of Information Technology

Project: Various student projects

Project Description

We have various student projects available for students in academic departments if you are looking for one.

Technologies Needed

Various technology stacks (but not asp)

Client: Office of Information Technology


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Regarding student projects (Senior projects, in many cases) that may require technical support from the IT Department:

The Office of Information Technology aims to provide students with assistance and support that will enhance their learning experience and development, and enable them to be successful in the completion of their project.

There are some common issues, however, that often prevent project completion. Most of these issues stem from a lack of communication and coordination. For a student project to be successfully completed, deployed, and utilized on campus, it is critical for the student group to coordinate with central IT to ensure sustainability and ongoing support of the project.

Course curriculums occasionally instruct students in the use of platforms and technologies that are incompatible with current IT systems and standards. This can be confusing to students who are unfamiliar with current university capabilities. To avoid any wasted time or efforts, students should begin the coordination process with IT as soon as possible.

By coordinating early with IT, students can get help with project planning and assessment and avoid some of the common roadblocks that prevent projects from being successful.

Please review Things to Know before Getting Started to learn more. Please make your students aware of this information so that they know early on what to expect and what is required when working with IT.

UVU's IT Department strives to support student success. By supporting student projects, IT hopes to provide assistance that enhances learning and development.

Good reasons for teaming up with IT

  • Access to IT resources, personnel, standards, and systems
  • Assistance with scope and project management
  • Increased chance of success
  • Your project can be sustainable even after you're gone - Leave a legacy!

Common issues that prevent project completion

  • IT finds out about the project too late, or there just isn't enough time to provide the needed assistance.
  • The project doesn't have a well-developed scope and becomes undoable.
  • The project isn't compatible with IT's current systems, policies, or standards, making it unsustainable for the university.
  • Students sometimes take on more than they can handle due to an insufficient understanding of the university environment.

How to work successfully with IT

  • Make sure there is enough time to finish your project (IT can help you determine the length of time your project is likely to take).
  • Develop a good project scope that is doable within your constraints.
  • Make sure your project is compatible with IT standards.
  • Know what dependencies exist on IT systems and university practices.

Remember - IT can only support projects that are aimed at providing some benefit to UVU or its departments.

IT Standards

Proper documentation of code and proper security for data storage are critical factors that will need to be reviewed by IT Security.

Web standards

Mobile adaptive/responsive framework in Omni-update (content management system) with HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript on Linux Servers with MySQL or MSSQL databases on Microsoft servers.

Administrative systems standards

JQuery, Groovy/Grails, PSQL Oracle database, in addition to the web standards listed above.

Mobile platform standards

Available upon request.

Technologies not generally supported

Avoid if possible - MicrosoftASP/.net, Flash, Adobe Flex, Cold Fusion, Symphony, Postgress, Microsoft Access, and FileMaker Pro databases.

The standards above are provided as guidelines for planning. It is critical to coordinate directly with IT to ensure that the needs of your project are compatible with current systems and standards so that the completed product can be used on campus and maintained by IT staff.