iTunes U Artwork

If you are submitting content to be added to UVU on iTunes U, it is helpful to have artwork to go along with your content. If you don't already have artwork, you can use on of the preexisting files below, or download the customizable template (PSD) as a starting point.


Read the iTunes U documentation on site management to learn how to add these files to your collections.

Currently Available Files:




Download the Customizable Template File (PSD)

  • Note: This template is a PSD file, which is editable in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Fireworks. It should be customized with the appropriate Department or School/College title, as well as an applicable image. 
  • Put your content into the appropriate place within the layers of the document (put your own image in place of the layer titled "YOUR IMAGE GOES HERE)." Do not use a copyrighted image. 
  • You may used images from the UVU Marketing & Communications Flickr account. Log in to see the around 15,000 photos - If you don't know how to get to it: Log into myUVU, hit the 'employee' tab, and follow the instructions on the left where it says "UVU Image Repository on Flickr.
  • If you have trouble modifying the template, contact