Leadership Council

Ultimate Accountability for the Leadership Priorities

The Leadership Council sets the overall vision and direction for the Alliance, promotes the leadership priorities, vets and approves ad hoc initiatives, and receives reports from and supports the efforts of the Executive Committee, CTECC, and PDCC.

Co-Chairs: President of UVU, President of MTECH, Superintendent Rep.

Voting Members: President of UVU, President of MTECH, Superintendents, UVU Dean of Ed., UVU SVPAA

Additional Participants: UVU Chief of Staff, UVU AVP SS/R, UVU AVP CO&ED, UVU SR Director – G&O

Staff: Executive Director and Administrative Assistant

Meeting Schedule Overview

October - Pre-Counselor Conference Meeting

January - Leadership Council Meeting

April - Leadership Priority Report Meeting

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Leadership Council webpage

Executive Committee

Working Committee

The Executive Committee works collaboratively under the direction of the Leadership Council to promote student success in school and life by identifying and addressing needs associated with the leadership priorities.

Chair: President of MTECH

Members: Superintendents, UVU Dean of Ed., UVU SVPAA, UVU Chief of Staff, UVU AVP CO&ED, CTECC Rep.

Staff: Executive Director and Administrative Assistant

Meeting Schedule

1st Thursday of the following months:









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Executive Committee webpage


Coordinates: PD, visioning teaching and learning, systems innovation, induction follow-up for quality teaching, clinically-based teacher education

Chair: UVU Dean of Education

Members: District Reps and K-16 Staff

Meeting Schedule

Meets directly after Executive Committee Meetings

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PDCC Committee webpage


Oversees: CTE, Concurrent Enrollment, Comp. Guidance & Counseling, STEM, College & Career Readiness, Career Pathways

Chair: CTECC Rep

Members: CTE Directors

Meeting Schedule

1st Wednesday of each month at 9am

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CTECC Committee webpage

Counselor Conference Committee

Chair: Barney Nye

Members: Counselor Conference Committee

Oversees: The annual UVU/MTECH K-16 Alliance Conference with the goal of helping high school and junior high counselors, UVU academic advisors, and admissions counselors to work together to improve student transitions between high school, MTECH, and UVU.

Meeting Schedule

Friday, August 3rd at 8am

Friday, September 7th at 8am

Thursday, October 11th at 8am

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Counselor Conference Committee directory

Conference Registration

Calendar Committee

Oversees: Yearly K-16 Calendar

Chair:  Stan Harward

Members: Calendaring Committee

Meeting Schedule

Once a year to plan the annual calendar

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Calendar Committee webpage