UVU/MTECH K-16 Alliance Annual Leadership Summit

The UVU/MTECH K-16 Alliance Leadership Summit is held annually. The purpose of the summit is to discuss the Alliance Leadership Priorities and the following questions:

  1. What are the strengths, weaknesses, challenges, and opportunities of our Alliance?
  2. How do we collaborate more effectively to address the opportunities and challenges?
  3. How do we better prepare our students for employment?
  4. How do we improve civic participation among our students?
  5. How should we work together to envision and create our future?

Participants at the summit include civic, government, business, and educational leaders from across the state.


UVU/MTECH K-16 Alliance Counselor Conference

Working Together for Utah’s Students

The annual UVU/MTECH K-16 Alliance Counselor Conference is sponsored by UVU President Astrid Tuminez, MTECH, and the K-16 Alliance. Regional high school and junior high school counselors join with UVU advisors and counselors as well as supporting administrators for the conference. The goal of the conference is to help high school and junior high school counselors and UVU advisors to work together to improve student transitions from high school to college while providing networking opportunities for counselors in the region. Topics and activities are carefully planned to achieve these goals and facilitate a meaningful experience for attendees.

For details on how to register for the conference, visit Counselor Conference


K-3 Literacy Summit

 View the Prezi presentation from our K-3 Literacy Summit.