UVU/MTECH K-16 Alliance - Leadership Report 2020

Utah Valley University, Mountainland Technical College, area school districts, and charter schools working together to help students obtain success at every level of their academic careers.

The UVU/MTECH K-16 Alliance unifies the efforts of school districts, charter schools, technical colleges, and higher education towards one simple, but profound goal: helping students in the Mountainland region have a positive and successful educational experience.

From kindergarten all the way through post-secondary education, the Alliance works together to improve instruction, increase academic achievement, support diverse educational pathways, and to ease the transition from one institution of learning to another.

In the year 2020, the UVU/MTECH K-16 Alliance has remained dedicated to their mission of empowering student success. Below, you’ll find a full overview of Alliance members’ contributions and initiatives this year.

UVU Initiatives and Academics

President Astrid Tuminez Provost Wayne Vaught

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Articulated Pathways & Post-Secondary Preparation

Interim Associate Provost Trish Baker

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Professional Development Coordinating Committee

Dean Vessela Ilieva

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K-12 Public School Superintendents

Superintendent Rick Nielson

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Mountainland Technical College

President Clay Christensen

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Charter Schools

Principal Jennilyn Derbridge

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Career Technical Coordinating Committee

Director Jason Watt

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