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Digital Conference, April 5-16, 2021



About Deaf Studies Today!

The international Deaf Studies Today! conference is a professional, academic conference that brings together the brightest minds and latest thinking within the interdisciplinary field of Deaf Studies. Running from 2004 to 2014 the biennial Deaf Studies Today! conference quickly became the primary site for the exchange of information and thinking for anyone interested in Deaf Studies. The conference has also become an important cultural space where Deaf people gather to create, renew and maintain relationships. After a four year break, Deaf Studies Today! has returned  in 2018 with a series of mini and digital conferences.

Conference Format

The 2021 Deaf Studies Today! conference will be a digital conference in which conference registrants can view presentations at their own pace. There will be opportunities for socialization on Zoom. All keynote and accepted presentations will be pre-recorded. 



Full Registration $75.00 Yes
Student (current) $15.00 No
UVU affiliated (Students, Faculty, Staff)  Free No
 Parents of deaf children* $15.00 No
(*not for parents in deaf-related professions)



Keynote Speakers

Dr. Wyatte Hall

Picture of Dr. Hall, white male, brown hair with mustache and close trimmed beard, wearing blue long sleeve dress shirt and blue and yellow paisley tie.
Dr. Hall’s keynote will highlight potential causes and effects of Language Deprivation Syndrome.

Wyatte C. Hall, Ph.D. is a Research Assistant Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology, Pediatrics, Public Health Sciences, and Neurology at the University of Rochester Medical Center. As a deaf population health researcher, he focuses on connecting childhood language experiences to adult outcomes with a particular focus on the phenomenon of language deprivation. He has published in scientific journals including Maternal & Child Health Journal, American Journal of Public Health, and the Bulletin of the World Health Organization. He is also co-editor of the recently-published book “Language Deprivation and Deaf Mental Health.”

Dr. Kristin Snoddon

Dr. Snoddon smiling for a professional picture, White female with black hair falling to a length near her jaw line. She is wearing a black jacket over a blouse with black, pink, and white vertical stripes.

Dr. Snoddon's keynote will highlight sign language policy and planning in early language acquisition.

Kristin Snoddon, Ph.D. is Associate Professor with the School of Early Childhood Studies, Ryerson University. Her research and professional experience includes collaborative work with deaf communities in developing sign language and early literacy programming for young deaf children and their parents. Additionally, she analyzes policy issues related to inclusive education, sign language rights, and acquisition planning for ASL. Her publications have appeared in the Canadian Journal of Disability Studies, Canadian Modern Language Review, Current Issues in Language Planning, Disability & Society, International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism, International Journal of Inclusive Education, International Journal of Multilingualism, Sign Language Studies, and Writing & Pedagogy..

See more about Dr. Snoddon at Ryerson University

Conference Presenters

Conference presenters information coming soon! 


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