Full Time Faculty

Debora Ferreira

Dr. Debora Ferreira
Associate Professor
Portuguese Program Coordinator

Office: LA 003d
Phone : (801) 863-6919

Adjunct Faculty

christine araujo

Christine Araujo

Christine Araújo was born in Fortaleza, Ceara, a hot and sunny place with beautiful beaches. She started her career as an EFL teacher in Brazil in 2004. She graduated at the State University of Ceará and her major was in Portuguese/French Languages and Literature. She is also studying Translation at the Federal University of Ceará. She likes music, movies and making friends.

Marcos Barboza

Marcos Barboza


Larissa Costa Campos

Larissa Campos

Larissa Costa Campos majored in Languages and Literature. She has graduated from Faculdade CCAA a private university in Rio de janeiro, Brazil.

I love learning about new languages and cultures as well as writing, poetry and music.

Erika Nagase

Erika Nagase